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Letter to the Editor - Jack O’Driscoll

Article Date: 
26 April, 2013 (All day)

Dear Editor,
“A man who breathes with soul so dead, regretting what he never said.”  John Hendrickson – Snow College
This ending to one of my favorite poems describes me perfectly.  Then, finally I scraped up enough courage to speak, and Mr. John Triplett sent in my letter.
But, I believe what he said so sincerely that I want to at least add my sustaining vote to his thoughts, to show his opinions are not singular.
My love affair with Morgan spans 75 years and continues today.  Back to a time when bragging about knowing everyone in the county wasn’t just bragging, but was a wonderful, warm feeling of belonging, and that feeling persists today.  
In the interim we lived for a short time in California, New Jersey and Florida.  Wonderful experiences which ended by turning up Weber Canyon at Uintah and heading towards Morgan.  “Home again,” where everything was just better for our family than any place else.
This is where the Western wall of our valley, (the one with the radar towers) serves as a bastion against polluted air and water, against overheating in the summer, and snow turning grey in winter.  My close friend smiles as we travel “down below” and responds when asked why, “look at all those homes of people who decided to build here instead of Morgan.”
I am convinced that only a very small percentage of the people here came to Morgan for “economic growth and development.”  They are willing to commute wherever, to work, so they can live where they want to live.
One young lady, when told by a potential buyer of her home here in Morgan, “This exact home only costs half as much in ____.”  Her reply was, “do you want to live in ____?”
My profession was mostly accounting and finance.  How to do things better, quicker, cheaper and that was going to be my approach here.  But Mr. Triplett did that.  And besides, I can be much more passionate about loving Morgan the way it is.
Recently I commented to our daughter living in California as we had lunch near a busy road.  “I have seen more cars go by in an hour than we see at home in a month.”  She agreed.
So, having or making more money, whether a government agency or an individual, is no guarantee of having more.  The rich people or county can spend more than their income just like we poor can.  More of everything is not a solution.
Let’s revel in what we have in Morgan, and put our energies into preserving that, rather than longing for change, and paying outsiders to show us how to change what we have to what they perceive we want.
~ Jack O’Driscoll, Stoddard