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Letter to the Editor - from Jerry and Darlene Ashton

Article Date: 
7 March, 2014 (All day)

Dear Editor:
We are writing to thank the wonderful young women and young men of Morgan High School basketball teams for a very fun year. Also we want to thank them for the way they always conduct themselves on and off of the court. Their sportsmanship and friendliness to the other teams is always setting a high standard for Morgan High School. These great young people have always treated us like a king and queen and we love them very dearly for this and the fun times they have brought  into our lives. The parents of these wonderful students have done a great job in raising them and we want them to know how much fun it has been to be around them and their young adult children. Best of all we want to congratulate these young basketball players on their outstanding basketball season and the honor they have brought to Morgan High School.
Jerry and Darlene Ashton