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Letter to the Editor - from John Triplett

Article Date: 
2 May, 2014 (All day)

Dear Editor,
How many times have you heard, or said yourself, that turning off Route 89 or Interstate 15 and heading up Weber Canyon to Morgan Valley is like entering a whole new world.  Left behind are the traffic, the congestion, the noise, the commercialization, the advertising push, the vigilance to observe the plethora of rules and regulations.  One enters a world of serenity, solitude, not a single traffic light, few street lights, copious open space, majestic view in every direction, clean air, low crime, excellent schools, low taxes, wonderful neighbors and much more that I take for granted.  One “escapes” the Wasatch Front to MorganValley.  We can relax in Morgan Valley.  We have long called it the best-kept secret in Utah, although it’s not very secret.
This idyllic “secret” was very evident in the “incorporation” meeting held three weeks ago.  The overwhelming response to incorporation of Mountain Green was a resounding “NO.”  Someday it may be in order, but certainly not at this point.  We don’t have all the amenities offered by the larger communities, but everything we need is within 10 to 30 miles.  What we do have in Morgan Valley far outweighs the benefits that dragging a slice of Wasatch Front into Morgan would bring us.
We may be accused of being selfish—wanting to keep our little Shangri-La for ourselves, and for our posterity.  However, that accusation is erroneous, because we do tolerate growth and development—we just want to keep it on the slow side, maintain our quality of life as much and as long as possible.  If we open the floodgates to the world—“Come one and all and enjoy our little bit of heaven on earth”—we would destroy most of what makes Morgan what it is—the reason we live here in the first place.  That said, I and many, many others have often commented on the great neighbors who have moved in recent years to Morgan Valley.  They have greatly enhanced our quality of life.
We do pay a price for the life quality we enjoy.  We have to commute a bit further for life’s necessities than, say, residents of Riverdale.  Our roads aren’t quite the quality of Bountiful’s.  We don’t have a local ambulance in Mountain Green (but we could).  I can’t really think of much else.
I really have only one complaint.  That is the lack of participation, even of knowledge, of what is going on in the governance of our county.  I think I understand the reason; part of the escape to Morgan Valley is escape from the concerns and cares that are endemic to self government.  I know, from serving in two county government positions, how ignorant I was of governance that had direct and significant effect on my life.  
I vehemently implore everyone to be aware of what is going on in our county government—county council and planning commission meetings and minutes, the county website (, The Morgan County News—and know and talk to your council members.  Ironically, the loudest complainers are often the least involved.  
Lastly, I profusely thank those who do contribute so generously in so many ways to our community and quality of life.  It’s part of what makes Morgan Valley a great place to live.
John Triplett