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Letter to the Editor - Justin Weeks

Article Date: 
21 June, 2013 (All day)

Dear Editor:
The Beautiful Morgan County…
I think we all live in this valley because we enjoy the beauty, peace, and serenity it offers.
This letter is in regards to the purposed voted local levy.  Is your view focused on the kids, taxation, teacher’s salaries, hearsay of mismanaged funds, etc?   Or is it focused on making Morgan County and our nation better?  I’m not suggesting that voting one way or another means you’re not interested in making the community better, but I find it interesting that the people I have talked to who are voting no are trying to make a point and loose sight of the big picture.
For a community to truly thrive there must be a commitment of time, sacrifice, and a direction.  As citizens of our community we voted in a local school board of different walks of life to have check and balances in these areas.  These elected school board members gather regularly to better our school district and our children’s education, which directly affects our community and eventually our nation.
  Now, looking at the big picture, our school board that we voted in to give us direction is suggesting we need more money in the general fund to make this school district continue to thrive.  I encourage everyone to focus on the big picture, get their facts from the source and support the people we voted in.  That is their job to check the facts and make decisions based on experience and research!
I hope we are all willing to make this effort and get involved that we might continue to enjoy the beauty, peace, and serenity of this valley and that’s why I’m voting Yes to this levy.
Justin Weeks
Mountain Green, UT