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Letter to the Editor - MHS graduation

Article Date: 
2 March, 2012 (All day)

Dear Editor:

My name is Jacob Mecham, I am a scout writing this letter for reasons of passing off a merit badge. In this requirement I am advised to write a letter to a newspaper or magazine. I have decided to write this letter concerning the Morgan High School Graduation. 

I have been informed that this ceremony is being held at Weber State, I would have to agree that this sounds like a very reasonable idea. Having the graduation held at Weber State will allow more people to come and participate by providing more room to come and support their children and grand children. If the ceremony were held in Morgan, there would not be adequate room for those who want to come and support but would instead only allow each student two tickets to try and decide who is able to come and see the graduation ceremony. 

I think that this is something that should have been considered a long time ago and I’m glad that it has finally taken place. I know that tradition is something we should always consider and I respect everyone’s traditions and opinions, but we have to consider that we are a growing community and different times and growth will mean different traditions. 

I look forward to tomorrow and the traditions that will come with it.


~ Sincerely,

Jacob S. Mecham