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Letter to the Editor - More information on The Hubbard House

Article Date: 
27 April, 2012 (All day)

I just received a letter from Lynn Ostler who was a toddler when their family home was built in Mtn Green.  The home went on to become the Hubbard House.

Lynn related some interesting information that we did not have when Joan Triplett researched the article which appeared in a recent newspaper.  

According to Mr. Ostler, “The old 2 story house by Gorden [Gordon] Creek burned down during the winter of 1921 and 1922 with our oldest sister, Louise, an occupant about 6 months old. “  Apparently Louise was rescued from the fire.   The family then moved to Ogden for a short period of time while the new brick home was constructed.  Lynn was born in April 1924 and can remembered being at the Ogden house and playing with Louise and friends.   He can also remember toddling along the newly formed concrete wall of the foundation in Mtn Green.   Thus the house would have been started circa 1925-1926. Mr. Ostler also mentioned that there were seven children in the family, a sister Jacqueline, who died when six months old.  

Appreciation is expressed to Mr. Ostler  for the additional information that will be placed in our files.