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Letter to the Editor - from Shana Croft

Article Date: 
21 June, 2013 (All day)

Dear Editor:
As an original founder of For Morgan Kids, I’d like to explain how the name was chosen. We determined that we wanted something that was… 
1. Easy to remember… This would make internet searches and our web address easy. We considered .org and thought it to be the best, but chose .com because of its popularity.
2. Flexible…. We are predicting that a voted local levy isn’t the only support that Morgan kids will need in the future. Morgan kids may need advocates to share independent information with the community. Therefore, we chose a name that we can reuse as needed.
3. Positive… We wanted to portray our information in a positive manner.
4. The Best Solution… Following our research, we have determined that this (in our opinions) was the best immediate solution to the school district’s financial situation and feel that it is necessary to maintain a high quality education for our children. Thus, For Morgan Kids.
After careful consideration, we branded ourselves “For Morgan Kids.” Be assured that negative implications were never discussed during this meeting. Assumptions that those who oppose the levy do not like children were not made. Perhaps we were politically naïve to not make this deduction, however, we are proud to stand behind our name. And, whether you are for or against the levy, we invite you to do the same. Stand behind our children. 
Being actively involved in this community issue has taken a tremendous toll on my family and me. If you have been involved in this process in anyway, you may be feeling this pressure also. The pressure I am referring to is the anxiety I feel when I wonder if our children are receiving an appropriate public education. I am overwhelmed by trying to learn about all areas of education from funding to reading intervention to science curriculum, etc. However, I am committed to finding ways that I can give to education, the way it has given to my children and me. Regardless of the election outcome, please join me at the district board meetings to share ideas and opinions, by writing our State representatives, by volunteering in the schools, and by donating money to supplement funding.
Shana Croft