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Letter to the Editor - from Zack Butterfield

Article Date: 
28 June, 2013 (All day)

Dear Editor:
I was quite disappointed in how some of our county members acted and behaved due to Leeway voting on both sides of this issue. I am aware of several instances where members were out of hand, yelling, swearing, and name calling because someone didn’t agree with them. There were also a number of cases of sign stealing. Both of these issues have to do with our first amendment rights. If we expect our own freedom of speech we must allow and respect that of others even if we don’t agree. We can talk about these things civilly like the adults we should be. Taking of signs is also an infringement on this amendment. Another problem we encounter is accusing people without proof for such deeds. We have never been and should never be a “guilty until proven innocent” society. If we continue to have this type of attitude in a number of years we will not have a republic because some won’t tolerate the views of others. 
 In school, we often hear that there is a bullying problem and to be nice to those who see differently than you. We were also taught that if you were a by-stander and witnessed any form of bullying that you should stand up for the person that was bullied. I saw none of that the last couple of weeks, matter of fact I saw the opposite. I have seen more bullying or been bullied more by adults than I ever saw kids in school. Maybe the adults should teach us by their example and that would most likely solve the bullying problem. 
 I hope that ELECTED officials will now listen to the voice of the people and work together for a solution, which was not done previously. May they be reminded that they were voted for by the majority and are to uphold the majority that elected them. The majority has spoken. I hope they don’t act like other nationally elected officials who undercut the majorities decision (examples: Obamacare now at only 35% approval; Proposition 8 that was passed 3 times by the voice of the people). 
 I do love my Morgan teachers and am grateful for them. They taught me that some things are the most important: Love of God, Love of Freedom, Right to Property, and the pursuit of happiness.
Zack Butterfield