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Local Ragnar team hopes to keep alive tradition that can’t be broken

Article Date: 
30 May, 2014 (All day)

By Matt Dicou
After extensive mathematical inquiry --including some inconsequential guessing-- I deduced that only .0000000017 percent of the world’s population (the statistical equivalent of 12 people) will be spreading Christmas cheer on June 27. Wait… What? 
Clearly being two days after the half-birthday of Christmas itself, one regards this statistic with alarm and a significant amount of incredulity. However, driven by good will toward men and intrinsic responsibility, the 12 members of the “Running Santas” Ragnar team will be hard at work delivering candy canes to the masses and engaging shamelessly in other general merrymaking.  
You might recognize our race vehicles alit with Christmas lights and topped with the iconic Mrs. Clause as a symbol and a beacon alluding ambiguously to our team’s mission. Truth be told, it isn’t easy to be a Santa with our strict dieting regimes limiting us only to one slice of cake per sitting (you may stand up and sit down again to commence a new “sitting”) and the necessity to keep mile times under six minute miles. But what keeps us coming back each year is a unanimity in our resolve to “take one for the team” and the greater good of festiveness.  Besides, in a race where winning means everything, we know our “win” will not be traditional. For us, the ‘W’ will be had if we can make a few people smile and deepen relationships--and not die from all the running, of course. Merry Christmas!
We would like to thank our local sponsors who include Morgan Drug, Alan Brooks Crossroads, MCM Engineering, Pier 49 Pizza and the Drennan Dicou Ragnar Fund.