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Local resident arrested on charges of prescription drug burglary

Article Date: 
2 December, 2011 (All day)


A part-time employee of the Morgan School District was arrested on Tuesday afternoon, November 29.  Morgan City resident  Josie Foster, was arrested and charged with two counts of residential burglary for theft of prescription drugs. She was also charged with misdemeanor theft. County Attorney Jan Farris is currently looking at multiple cases relating to the arrest.  

Foster has been the drill team coach for a short time at Morgan High School.  The school district placed Foster on administrative leave last week after complaints were received.  An investigation then took place by the Morgan County Sheriff’s department.  The investigation resulted in the arrest of Foster.  Foster is currently on administrative leave  pending the outcome of the investigation. Foster was booked into the Weber County Jail.  Foster has a clean criminal record with no past offenses.