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The Magic of Trains and Holidays

Article Date: 
9 December, 2011 (All day)

“All Aboard!” The conductor shouted as all of us boarded onto the magical train that would take us to the North Pole.  The Heber Valley Rail station was all decked out with holiday lights, and friendly staff that made you feel as if you were in elf wonderland. This is the place where our holidays began this year. Just being at the quaint station with all the holiday decker and the excitement of everyone who was going to be on the train with us, was enough to make me a believer in Santa Clause.  

It wasn’t just children who were in the stations waiting area that were excited, but adults as well. One of the people waiting for the train that would take us all on this night ride into the unknown was in her 30’s, in talking to her she said, “why keep only the love in our hearts only at Christmas time, and why only believe in Santa only at this time of year, I choose to believe year round!” This did it for me, as I pondered in my heart, how an adult could keep the innocence and love that we see this holiday season!

As we entered the North Pole Express, the train was all spiffed up with garland and holiday lights, a few of santa’s helpers passed us by, including what I believe was Santa’s wife.  The children were all so excited as were the adults to be on this almost ancient train. 

The little elf’s came by and made sure everyone got a chocolate chip cookie and some hot chocolate. Then in motion we went, not silently though, as the mother Christmas read Christmas stories to the children on the train, and then there were jokes told, and songs sung. The heart that was two sizes too small of mine, begin to grow as the tunes of yesteryear holidays swelled in the cabin!

 I really knew then that this trip to the North Pole, was indeed just that…we would see Santa’s wonderland, as the rickety train faithfully moved down the tracks!  So much more from this trip then I can write, but the magic did begin, and each person on that train felt it. Live entertainers came on board also to add spectacular music to the night. Then the surprise, each one of us received a special gift from the big guy himself, even Jolly Old St. Nick… Without adding more so you can experience this for yourself, I would highly recommend, if you have lost the excitement of the holidays, to take a ride on the Heber Creeper “North Pole Express”. Definitely a ride you and your family want to take for the holidays! The Heber Valley Railroad offers many different themed rides all year round. Sure to delight travelers of all interests!