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Meet Bingham’s Custom Meats

Article Date: 
16 December, 2011 (All day)

Though it has only been open since May, Bingham’s Custom Meats has earned quite the following. This can be attributed to the passion, owner Nathan Bingham has for quality meat. While looking for a job after his mission, Nathan found one in a local grocery store. There he started in the meat department as a wrapper. After a while he moved on up and learned to cut. 

After earning the title of assistant manager and then subsequently meat manager Nathan knew it was time to take his business out on his own. He and his wife Shar (who recently had their first child, Ella) opened a mobile game cutting company.  As they were looking for equipment they found that our own local Chetter’s not only had the equipment they needed but also a building for them to sell out of as well.  

Besides mobile processing, which is great for the many hunters in the area, Bingham’s also makes their own specialty jerky and Brauts. Nathan is a lover of all things bacon and this can be seen in the products he carries, anywhere from bacon salts, croutons, baconnaise and even bacon flavored chapstick.  

One customer tells of his favorite, “the bacon infused burgers are ridiculously good!”. Just imagine top sirloin seasoned with bacon salt and fresh bacon ground right into the meat. It is no wonder that his customers keep coming back for more. 

For the holiday season Nathan has put together a couple different bundles sure to please those meat lovers on your gift giving lists. A barbecue bundle containing an apron, spatula and four different seasonings is a great idea for those hard to buy men on your list. Bacon bundles are on a great sale this month, saving over $15 on all things bacon, from bacon cookbooks to bacon flavored sunflower seeds. 

December is the month to save on Prime Rib, which can be had at only $6.99/lb., great for those special  holiday dinners. Bingham’s wants all of their customers to enjoy each cut of meat and provides fliers on how to best cook this delicious cut of beef.  

Besides meats, Bingham’s also offers Chapparos and tamales. Bingham’s is one of the very few places Chaparros jalapeno cheese tamales can be found.  

Come on in today to see all of the special chicken, beef, pork and bbq bundles or pick up a gift certificate.  On Facebook you can like Bingham’s Custom Meats| Butcher shop in Morgan Utah, to receive notice of special sales.