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Meet The Candidate - Kimlyn Porter

Article Date: 
15 October, 2010 - 06:00

Kimlyn Porter is a candidate for County Recorder.  The recorder tracks land ownership and changes as well as providing information for the county assessor for taxing.  Porter is running against the current county recorder, Brenda Nelson.
Porter has lived in Morgan all her life.  Her parents are Lyle and Sharon Porter and her grandparents operated Como Springs.  She has many fond memories of Como because of this.
She has been in the title business for twenty eight years and she believes that she can bring a new perspective to the office because of her experience.  She has seen the recorders office from the customer perspective as someone in the title business.  Her experience in title and escrow, and closing on literally hundreds of homes, including many of the residents of the county has provided her a level of knowledge that she believes is unique.  Her experience has also given her knowledge of  mapping and meets and bounds.  She would like to take her learning from other counties with whom she has worked in her current job and find way to enhance Morgan with this knowledge.
Porter also comments that she has a very customer friendly approach that she believes will add to the atmosphere in the recorders office.  She loves being with people and it shows in her open and friendly face and her smiling countenance.
Porter says that she is running because she sees an opportunity to serve in the county that she loves and with people she has known her whole life.  She says that her experience with Morgan County is that it is a hard county to search and she would like to improve that.  She also says that many people had approached her and encouraged her to run.
Porter believes that all of the employees in the office should be cross-trained.  She believes that this will make the office better able to serve customers.  She believes that the office has good employees and she will work to ensure that everyone in the office is knowledgeable so that no matter who is working, the customer can receive a correct answer and friendly service.
She is pleased by the county’s participation in Simplifile.  Simplifile is used by many counties in the state and across the nation to allow title companies to search and record without a visit to the county office.  She says that while this product makes recording much simpler, that access to it is very expensive right now in Morgan County.  That has meant that only the large title companies can afford to participate.  She would like to explore ways to make this process less expensive so that smaller title companies can participate.  She would also like to pursue making Morgan’s records more accessible online as other counties in the state have already done.   
Porter says that she will bring to the office:
- Knowledge of the recorders position including experience with many other counties, with mapping, with meets and bounds and the other legal aspects of deeds and recording.
- A pleasant experience for those who visit the recorders office
- Her friendly and outgoing personality
- A hands on approach from doing many aspects of the work in her current job
- A knowledge of Morgan County and many of its residents
- Experience with other counties that can help to improve Morgan
Porter hopes that the voters will get to know her and her experience.  She hopes that they will come know that she believes that service on the job is as important as service in life.  She will bring this approach to her work and hopes to apply this ethic to the county recorder position.