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Meet the Candidate - Lynn Mickelson

Article Date: 
30 October, 2011 (All day)


Lynn Mickelson is running for Morgan City Council.  Mickelson has a long history of service in the city.  He was elected to the city council in 1988 and served for approximately twenty years.  Mickelson also worked in the Morgan City public works for four and a half years.

Mickelson was born in Salina, Utah and graduated from North Sevier High School.  He went to Utah Vocational School where he became an industrial electrician.  He then went to work for Hill Field where he was employed for thirty-seven years, primarily in the aircraft division.

In 1957 he moved to Morgan and has lived here since then.  He married his wife, Coleen, and they have three daughters, one of which was killed in a car accident in 1973.  

Mickelson decided to run again because he wants to work to make things better in the city.  “I like to be busy,” says Mickelson.  He said that he tried to make things better during his time serving on the council in the past and is ready to do so again.  Mickelson spoke of his experience on a wide variety of city projects including widening Commercial Street to have parking on both sides, working on bridge projects, leading joint projects with UDOT, and ensuring funding for a number of other city improvements.

Mickelson served on the Council of Governments (a body made up of representatives from Morgan City, Morgan County, and Morgan School District) where he was chairman.  He also worked with UAMPS (Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems).

Mickelson said that he enjoyed the work on the city council and tried to engage citizens in helping to shape the direction of the city.  He enjoyed talking to individuals about what their needs were and how to help them.

Mickelson expressed support for the city’s community engagement plans and said that the movies in the park and other activities sponsored by the council were positive for the city.  He initially was concerned about the proposed splash pad because of the shorter summer season in Morgan, but expressed more comfort in the project since it would be primarily funded by donations and grants.

Mickelson observed that the work to attract businesses to the county would be a challenge, but expressed support for the cities work to attract more businesses.  He previously worked to bring a hotel to Morgan and would continue work to achieve this end.

Mickelson is running against incumbents DeOrr Peterson, Tony London, and Jeff Wardell.  There are three positions available on the council and four candidates running for these positions.  Mickelson’s parting words were, “If you liked what I did when I was on the council, vote for me.”