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MHS graduation moves from Morgan

Article Date: 
17 February, 2012 (All day)


The graduating class of 2012 will see the end of a long-standing tradition at Morgan High School.  The class presidency requested that the graduation ceremony be moved from the Morgan High School Auditorium to Weber State University due to the growing graduating class size and limited space at the high school.

For several years the district has been struggling for space to hold graduation.  Many family and community members who would have liked to attend have been unable to do so.  This year the graduates were faced with only having two tickets each.  They requested that the school board approve relocating the commencement exercises to a larger venue.

After considering holding the ceremony at the Trojan Century center, the school board reluctantly agreed to allow the graduation to move to Weber State with all but Ken Durrant voting in favor.  Durrant wanted to see the tradition continue in Morgan.  The board felt that the Trojan center would not be ready for a graduation ceremony this year, although might be a possibility for next year.

“I worry about the loss of having a sense of community”, said superintendent Ken Adams.  He continued, “Neil and Ken and my fathers and mothers helped build that M and they carried it on their backs.  If you look closely at the pictures… you will see that they are not carrying broom handles, all of them, some of them are shotguns and some of them are rifles.  You do that today, you are going to jail.  Why?  Because the way our societies have changed the values.  You kids, you advisors and you administrators need to make sure you have traditions in your high school.  The numbers are so large.  I have dealt with it for eight years.  I have seen the grandparents and sometimes I have snuck them in.  I understand that problem and appreciate it… Come up with something that keeps our roots here and makes people remember us and Morgan and what we stand for...we are losing why we ever came here in the first place…I encourage you to do something that keeps pride in our schools and a connection with our past.”

The board asked for a report after the graduation on what went well and what did not at the new venue.  They asked for a recommendation after the review of this year is complete, and that the Trojan Center be considered for future graduation ceremonies.