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The Mission Statement that Guides Morgan County School District

Article Date: 
24 September, 2010 - 05:00

The Morgan County School District Mission Statement serves as a means of communicating what the district is trying to accomplish through its educational program.  A mission statement should be clear, powerful and broad enough to guide the decision-making and provide the foundation for learning outcomes throughout the district.  It should also reflect a focus on student learning as the chief priority of the district and its schools and should describe a compelling purpose and direction that should motivate and inspire each of the district’s stakeholders. The present mission statement “Educational Excellence” Every Learner’s Right - Every Individual’s Responsibility has served the district well for the last seventeen years. However, with the many changes in leadership and staff members, Superintendent Adams asked us to revisit the mission statement and determine if it is articulating a clear description of the purpose of the district and its primary functions.
The process of revisiting the mission statement will begin with a team of staff members answering the following questions: 1) What is the district’s primary educational purpose? 2) What does the district provide to its students to meet this purpose?  3) Whom is the district serving?  4) What are we preparing the students for? and 5) Does our current mission statement drive our decisions impacting the work of the district and/or schools?   The answers to these questions will help the team determine if we still are being well served by the current district mission statement or if we will need to develop a new mission statement to match the ideas, beliefs and philosophy behind the current leadership and staff.  If the present mission statement identifies whom we are serving and contains a description of how the district contributes to the development and career aspirations of the students that are entrusted to us then it will continue to be the mission statement of Morgan County School District.  If, however, it doesn’t serve as the foundation for all policies, procedures, guidelines, and practical decisions that support the achievement of desired results for student learning then the process of developing a new mission statement that does serve as a guiding force in what we do and believe will continue.  During the process we must remember that beliefs are powerful determinants of the quality and productivity of an instructional program within a district.  Clearly stated and agreed upon beliefs and goals are the key components that drive the development of a visionary district mission statement.
The above process is the beginning of achieving the belief that the district is united for excellence in developing a pathway from kindergarten to graduation.  As we progress in this process we will be able to compile a district mission report that will contain data indicating how and where we are achieving the mission we have set out to do and what we wish to do to further improve the educational program within the district.  The district mission report will contain both descriptive information and quantitative data in a uniform format for a clear picture of the district’s accomplishments.  It will serve as a reporting method to the stakeholders within the district and to those outside the district investigating and researching the educational opportunities either for their children or job opportunities with a district whose beliefs and philosophy align with their own.