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MMS celebrates the arts in all forms

Article Date: 
7 March, 2014 (All day)

Monday evening the talented students at Morgan Middle School put on quite a show.  Parents and community members were greeted with rows of artwork and lots of excited smiles.
The drawings were the products of weeks of hard work by Cherilyn Reid’s art students.  Reid stated that she was especially proud to say that even the cartoon drawings were all done freehand.  There is no tracing allowed in her classroom.  This year the students have learned about lines, shapes, values, colors and textures while art was completed with pencil, pen, paint or cut out paper.
“The students here have great work ethic as well as a lot of artistic talent,” beamed Reid.
The night kicked off with a performance from the mixed choir group.  This group consists mostly of seventh grade students, but there are a few eighth graders as well.  The timid group is just starting to learn all the nuances of using their voices.  But nerves aside, they sung their little hearts out to the appreciative crowd.
Choir Director Mike Mills thanked Morgan High School student Bekah Peterson for taking the time out of her night to accompany both choir groups.  
Beginning band members took the stage next.  This group went from “not being able to do much more than blow their noses,” according to Director Gordon Johnson, to producing beautiful music they all should be proud of.  
The next showcase of skill was presented by the Morgan Middle School drama students.  They used the skills they have been learning all year to film a montage of silly commercials.  These commercials were well thought out and brought many giggles from the crowd.  Drama coach, Candice Wilder gave credit to the students for all their hard work in writing the commercials as well as performing them.
The eighth grade choir took the stage next.  The group showed off their collective talent, performing fun tunes with thunderous sounds and rain sticks, as well as a piece from the classical period.  Rain sticks were provided by Reese’s art classes.
The eighth grade band finished out the night with a tune fit for an Indiana Jones fan.  The improvement from last year was apparent. Chad McClean, Morgan High School band director, is so impressed with their collective talent, he said he had already given every student the pep-talk to stay in band next year.