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Morgan bids a farewell to beloved UPS driver

Article Date: 
7 June, 2013 (All day)

After 32 years of service Morgan’s favorite delivery guy, Brent Rose, has retired.  Rose made his last delivery on May 31, 2013.  
Rose had a way of making everyone feel like they were his favorite.  “What a great man. Oh, if only the world had more of ‘Brent, The UPS Guys’ around,” said Connie Wilkinson in a comment on facebook.  
In fact, when Megan Clark posted the above photo on the Morgan Moms facebook group, she almost instantly had 165 likes and nearly 70 comments.
Rose has been happily married for 33 years and has four children, two girls and two boys.  He started making deliveries for UPS in October of 1981.  He was assigned to Morgan for nearly 22 years. 
“Morgan made it easy to come to work,” said Rose happily.  He said he has made many friends here, does business here and sees medical professionals here.  
There will truly be a void in Morgan without “Rosie” around.  Residents will miss his “cheery smile” and his “cute legs.”  Local real estate agent, Jerry Pierce said “Brent is so cool and will be missed with his infectious smile and constant teasing.”
Paula Harrington-Woolsey commented that he always had five minutes for everyone.  
“He was my only link to the world for eight months while Matthew was so little,” said Sherry Birt, “I ordered everything online just so I had another adult to talk to.”  
Jan Forsberg commented that he delivered several Christmases and diapers when she was too lazy to go down the canyon.
Some residents knew him as their delivery man in Uintah and were thrilled when he came to Morgan.  Christine Thomson said that she first met him while working at Valley Nursery in Uintah.  Thomson remarked that he came to Morgan to deliver packages about the same time she moved here to raise her family. She said she is sad to see him go, “it feels like I have known him forever.”  That feeling was echoed in many other comments among Morgan Moms.
Not only did Rose remember the names of all the people he delivered to, their children and their pets, but he even had treats for the family dog.  McKenzie Hansen said that her pet, Getty, will really miss those Milk Bones.
Vickie Carter mentioned how much fun it was that he always remembers everyone, even when you’re not at your own house.  Andrea Smith echoed that continuing to say that he was “always so nice, helpful and really made you feel like you were important.”
Heather Lynam said, “I saw him at the store once…he talked to me by name and even told me my address...along with two others standing in line. The new guy has some huge shoes to fill.”
“He always made it feel like Christmas around here,” commented Deana Stuart.  
Julie Hosick said he would deliver her Stampin’ Up orders.  He would say “Hey, stamp lady!” and catch her up on the latest local news.  
“Brent needs to know how many people appreciated how well he did his job and how many days were made by his smiling face,” said Megan Clark.
There were many funny memories shared as well.  Karen Strong said, “There goes my hugs!  His jokes were the best…well most of the time.”  
In the words of Chelsea Robbins’ 3-year-old daughter, “If you don’t buy it for me, I will ask the PSU (UPS) man to get it for me!”  
As a toddler, Cari Woolsey’s daughter would always want to go with Rose in his truck.  She would cry as he drove away because he left without her.
Many statements were made about the big shoes Rose’s replacement will have to fill.  Leslie Lubeck said that Rose was “friendly, personable, efficient, and seemed to really know us! I don’t know how he did it, but receiving packages will not be the same without him. Maybe UPS can bring him back to train new drivers how to be everyone’s favorite.”
Mary Kaye Campbell remarked on how she couldn’t believe that Rose could possibly be old enough to retire.  She wished him good luck and advised him to “keep the brown shorts on!” 
Amy Williams commented that after 32 years, Rosie deserves a break.  Courtney Rose was lucky enough to attend his retirement party and said that his daughters did a wonderful job at throwing him a great party. “Rest assured, he went out with a bang,” said Courtney. 
Julie Brumbaugh concluded these statements saying, “He is hands down the best delivery guy ever…have fun golfing, travelling, camping and gardening.  He has a lot of interests and will surely be busy.”
True to Brumbaugh’s statement, Rose is currently enjoying some beach time with his entire family in Depoe Bay, Oregon.  He said they used to visit to visit the west coast a lot, but haven’t had time in years.  He says he still plans to visit his Morgan friends that he will miss terribly.