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Morgan Chamber of Commerce gets a boost

Article Date: 
30 March, 2012 (All day)

The Morgan Chamber of Commerce received a significant boost from the County in the form of a donation of $7,500.  The county has been working with the Chamber to develop an economic development plan for the county.  

John Barber, president, and Albert Wilde, Vice President presented to the City and County councils a plan to move forward with activities to help build businesses in Morgan.  The plan was well received by both organizations.  

The Chamber plans three primary initiatives.  The first is to establish a website for the Chamber that will focus on helping visitors to see the value of Morgan, helping individuals find Morgan businesses, and providing information and support to those who want to bring events to the county.  The website will also provide some information and contacts for businesses wishing to locate in the county.  

The second initiative is to create a brochure to provide information on 101 things to do in Morgan.  This would be available at a variety of sites in Morgan and outside the county at strategic locations that will promote events and tourism in the county.  

The third initiative is to form an events committee.  The events committee will be a resource for those looking to bring events to the community.  They will also help local business understand what events are coming and how to maximize the opportunity for their businesses from these events.

These ideas were presented to council members on Wednesday night.  About 30 individuals from local businesses and government gathered to hear the plans from the chamber.   

Those wishing to join the chamber and support their initiatives can visit the chamber’s current website at .