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Morgan City Takes Steps to Preserve Historic District

Article Date: 
25 February, 2011 - 06:00

At the city council meeting on Tuesday night the Morgan City council acted to amend an ordinance passed in 2007 relating to the historic district in Morgan.  The historic district includes the business district section of Commercial Street as well as areas behind these businesses.
As a part of this change the city will be establishing a historic district review committee including two members of the planning commission, two members who are business owners or property owners, one community member who demonstrates a knowledge and interest in the history of Morgan City and the Mayor.  The committee will interpret the ordinance and provide advice to the planning commission and the city council on decisions affecting this area.  
The ordinance provides requirements for setbacks, height, parking, sidewalks, planting, colors of buildings, window sizes, and other building features.  These criteria are designed to help preserve the historic feel of the area.  
These changes are a part of the focus of the city in revitalizing Commercial Street.  The city has been successfully bringing new business into the area.  In the past year the city has brought in Zanadu, a clothing and accessories store as well as a full service salon; Little Thunder Custom Tees, a custom tee shirt shop, and Scuds Bait and Tackle, a fishing specialty retail store.  While there are still many stores vacant on the street the city is steadily increasing businesses in the area.