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Morgan County Baseball - Championship Baseball-1946 Style

Article Date: 
17 June, 2011 (All day)


The following is the 8th part in a series of “The History of baseball in Morgan County”. Most of the information is taken from a book by Paul Stewart called “Baseball in Morgan County: The Early years”.

On September 6th, 1946 a Championship game was held in Morgan county between South Morgan and Richville. The game was played at the county fair grounds before a full house. In 1946 there were not any floodlights for the field so the length of the game was at the mercy of the sun. With the first pitch at 2:30 in the afternoon, there was little chance of running out of daylight. This game was the exception.

It seemed the entire county had made a point to come out for the game. This game became the longest game in the history of Morgan. The game lasted a record sixteen innings before it was called for darkness. The game turned out to be a pitchers dual between Ray Wiscombe for Richville and Paul Stuart for South Morgan. The two teams combined for only 18 hits in the 16 inning game, while the two pitchers combined for 42 strike outs. Ray pitched a shutout for the final 13 innings, while Paul didn’t give up a run in the final 7 innings. 

With the game being for the championship, it seemed no one wanted to leave. The farmers at the game were extremely late milking that evening. Finally the enterprising Charles Tonks stood up and offered it to any player who could hit a double, triple or homerun. This gesture encouraged others to do the same and many held up $5 and $10 dollar bills. Between everyone several hundred dollars were offered, but it was all in vain as no team could put a run across the plate before the game ended in darkness.