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Morgan County Baseball - The History of Morgan County Baseball (Part 7)

Article Date: 
10 June, 2011 (All day)


The following is the 7th part in a series of “The History of baseball in Morgan County”. Most of the information is taken from book by Paul Stewart called “Baseball in Morgan County: The Early years”.

 William Lester Poll moved to Morgan in 1927. Poll had a love of baseball and had a dream of having a baseball team consisting of just “his boys.” It looked as if his dream might be fulfilled when his first three children were boys. However, his next five children were girls. Eventually another son and one more daughter were added to the family. 

About this same time a women’s softball team was organized in Salt Lake City. They were called the Salt Lake City Shamrocks. Eventually the team expanded to let any one tryout for the team and they changed the name to the Utah Shamrocks. In 1947 William’s daughter Donna made the team and two years later Beverly joined. Eventually the Poll family had 5 out of the 6 girls on the team. The Shamrocks were considered to be the best softball team in Utah. They often scheduled men’s teams for fun and practice. 

The Shamrocks won 32 Utah State titles, played in 221 regional tournaments and participated in 25 world and national tournaments. They were consistently ranked in the top ten teams in the nation. In 1953 they were the national tournament runner-ups in the World Softball Tournament held in Portland Oregon.

In 1957 Beverly married Paul F. Warner and lived in Mountain Green. Donna was inducted into the State Amateur Softball Association Hall of Fame in 1984 and her sister Beverly in 1985.