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Morgan County residents physical therapy needs met at Mtn. Green clinic

Article Date: 
18 April, 2014 (All day)

Everyone would like to think they will never be in a position to need physical therapy. Unfortunately anyone who skis down a mountain, runs a marathon, or even just steps off a curb wrong will eventually find themselves in the physical therapist’s office.
It is important to do your research before choosing a physical therapist.  According to  Alan Kerbs, you should find someone who will take time to listen and make your individual needs a priority.  “Too many times I hear about patients who were treated with generalized care.  Each injury is unique and should be treated as such,” said Kerbs.  “Our commitment is to give every patient the time and attention deserved and the courtesy to cater to their specific therapeutic needs.”
Kerbs has been serving Morgan County residents for 14 years through Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine.  His Morgan clinic used to be located on Commercial Street, but that location has been sold to another therapist. For the last five years, Kerbs has been serving Morgan County residents in his Mountain Green location.  “I want Morgan residents to know they can get the same quality care they received at the Morgan location by taking just a short drive to Mountain Green.”  
Kerbs graduated from the University of Oklahoma’s health science center in 1994 with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy.
Kerbs is a father of four and enjoys an active lifestyle including running, weightlifting, water sports, snowmobiling, skiing, camping, and hiking. He enjoys athletics and staying fit and wants to help others be able to stay fit and active as well. 
“I decided to become a physical therapist because I wanted to assist others in getting back to an active lifestyle. Whether they get injured on the job, as an amateur or even professional athlete, the simple fact of the matter is they all would like to get back to achieving their everyday tasks and working toward fulfilling their dreams once more. I’ll be there to help them through the entire process.”
Kerbs is joined by Massage Therapists, Stacey Williams and Carla Sampson.  The clinic offers all physical therapy and rehabilitation services for a wide variety of conditions. Some of these conditions include: pain relief; massage therapy; injury rehabilitation; post-surgical physical therapy; and injury prevention.      
In additional to general physical therapy services for neck and back pain, they provide specific rehabilitation for those who have had surgery on ankles, knees, shoulders, hips, etc. They offer specific treatment for work injuries, auto accidents and sports injuries as well.
“We are a hands-on clinic that takes pride providing the best quality care to help you meet your physical therapy goals,” said Kerbs.  
Kerbs is ASTYM certified and is a specialist in treating running injuries including custom fit orthotics for recreational and marathon runners alike.  
Staff members at Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine are committed to make each individual patient’s experience as positive as possible. From their front office personnel to assistants and aides you can expect a friendly and personable interaction.   
Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine accepts all insurance plans. Their billing department will be happy to help you determine your individual insurance coverage and benefits. They are the one and only IHC (Intermountain Health Care) provider in the area.
Even if you have no insurance, or a super high deductible, this office has a variety of affordable self-pay options available. Billing Director, Angie Jensen and Office Manager, Holli Slack are happy to work through anyone’s personal financial needs. “Our ultimate goal is to get you feeling better fast in a affordable and manageable way,” assured Kerbs.
Kerbs absolutely enjoys taking part in patients’ quests to become as physically active, pain-free and functional as possible. He concluded, “It’s quite rewarding to participate in a process where someone is motivated and eager to get back to their normal life regardless of the physical set-backs they may have experienced. Our patients become our friends and we are invested in the goals and future as they progress.”