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Morgan deputy recognized for hidden talent

Article Date: 
23 August, 2013 (All day)

Each week Kevin Eubank and the KSL Weather team select a photo of the week to feature on their nightly Eyewitness News on Channel 5. Local photographer Christian Peay was not only selected for such but was also chosen as the winner of the best picture of the month. Part of his prize package will include having his winning photo showcased in the July section of the 2014 Les Olson Calendar. 
As a child growing up in Orem, photography was always something Peay liked to do. His love of photography began with a class Peay took in school and grew from there. Later when money was tight, Peay sold his camera in order to purchase his first car.  It wasn’t until three years ago that Peay decided to pick the hobby back up again.
While on a trip to Yellowstone he found a beautiful canyon. As he looked down he was reminded of the Grand Canyon with its steep walls and wanted so badly to capture it. Unfortunately the camera he had wasn’t quite adequate to catch the moment. Just a few months after his vacation, he remembered this passion and decided it was time to invest in a different camera. 
Peay is now on his third camera and continues to spot the beauty in the scenery all around. While is excited about a new project he is just starting on photographing the National Parks for an art gallery, Morgan is where his heart lies. In fact about 90 percent of his pictures have been taken right here in Morgan County. The prize winning picture itself was taken while Peay was driving around Mountain Green. As he looked out the window and saw a beautiful field of flowers capped off with a majestic sunset, he knew it was a perfect photo opportunity.
Although he has had no training other than the courses he took in high school, Peay has repeatedly demonstrated a natural ability for photography. He shares that he likes to “look at things in a different way, to make ordinary things more interesting.” He constantly carries a camera with him to capture things others pass by. 
Self taught, Peay has spent a lot of time reading photography books, searching the Internet, as well as working with his camera by trial and error. He shares a word of wisdom for those wanting to try to capture their own spectacular photos, “Just go buy any camera and start taking pictures. Look at the works of others for ideas and take pictures of anything you see.” 
Peay himself has been inspired by the works of Ansel Adams and many others. He shares that one may even look to artwork as a source of inspiration.
Although he has already shown a proficiency in taking amazing photos, he shares that he has seen his own photos and skills get better with time and practice. For now his photos can be seen on his Facebook page-- Christian Peay Photography-- as well as on the cover of the Morgan Valley Directory. The Les Olson Calendar will be available for purchase in November at Deseret Book.
A well rounded man, he also loves spending time with his family, which includes his wife Margo and children Emma, Hannah, Abigail, Ian, Simon and James. Having six children with the oldest in college and the youngest in preschool doesn’t lend itself to a lot of extra time, but if he does have any he likes to spend it hunting, fishing or hiking. Rest assured there is always a camera right by his side ready to capture the scenic beauty. 
Peay has also been a Morgan County deputy for the last nine years. Previously his job took him around the world helping install networks in various Marriot hotels. His only wish is that he would have picked up his camera sooner to have been able to document his world travels. 
For now he is content and loves living and working here. He states that although it is hard to work in the same place you live, he loves that there is not a lot of crime and it is such a pretty place to patrol. He loves serving Morgan County and he does so as a canine handler with a drug dog named Hank by his side.  Over the last six years of working with Hank, they have been able to secure hundreds of arrests and help to keep Morgan safe. 
He is a big asset to the community for celebrating the beauty of Morgan County through his photography as well as keeping Morgan safe.  We wish Peay luck on all his future endeavors.