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Morgan High School's Sterling Scholars

Article Date: 
8 April, 2011 (All day)


By Chelsea Fairbourn

TMCN Student Writer



We are now one week closer to the Northeastern region Sterling Scholar competition and the pressure is building.  First drafts of portfolios have been submitted for proofreading, mock interviews scheduled, and plans to shop for business attire made.  

For the fourteen scholars at Morgan High School, the process has been a blur, but perhaps one of the most valuable experiences of their lives thus far.  

Without further ado, it’s time to meet this week’s four Sterling Scholars:




Scholar: Rebekah Elton

Category: Computer Technology


Rebekah is the daughter of Richard and Candice Elton.  Her love for technology and desire to explore the technical elements of creative and modern designs led her to apply to be a Sterling Scholar.  Since her sophomore year she knew that this was an honor she wanted on her resume and her passion for making movies assisted her in reaching that goal.

Not only is Rebekah extremely talented in her area of Computer Technology, she is also very giving.  Her five greatest achievements include: a humanitarian trip, serving as the president and co-founder of the Morgan Youth Service Club chapter of Interact, receiving the President’s Voluntary Service Award, being the Athletics Design Tech, and her production of over 50 promotional videos.

How has the program benefited her?  “It has allowed me to work hard for my accomplishments.  It has also prepared me for college by improving my scholarship, citizenship, and leadership,” says Rebekah.  

Rebekah will attend Brigham Young University in the fall and work towards majoring in business in hopes of becoming an event coordinator.  




Scholar: Taylor Weitzeil

Category: Visual Arts


Taylor is the daughter of Gary and Sue Weitzeil.  Seeking after more opportunities in choosing a university, she found Sterling Scholar to be a very helpful tool.  But why the area of visual arts?  “I love the freedom I have with art.  There [are] no boundaries and I can create whatever my imagination thinks of”.  

A well-rounded individual, Taylor’s five greatest accomplishments include: being a State Volleyball Champion, acceptance into Brigham Young University, winning the Standard Examiner’s “Design-An-Ad” contest, 1st place in region track, and receiving a scholarship towards her education from Brigham Young University.

Her participation in the Sterling Scholar program has taught her the importance of hard work and dedication, allowing her to be better prepared for the rigorous courses on the path to gaining a higher education.

Taylor plans to attend Brigham Young University in the fall.



Melissa Marsden


Foreign Language


Melissa is the daughter of Craig and Elaine Marsden.  Her desire study foreign language came from her travels to South America. At the age of seven, she was first introduced to Latin cultures, which instilled in her a desire learn more.  Of her experiences in South America she says, “I love traveling and being able to communicate with others”. 

She has always striven for excellence in every aspect of her life.  Some of her greatest achievements include: South America Humanitarian Expeditions, Mexico Humanitarian Expedition, Quest Spanish III, Purple Pinkie Project, and the Young Womanhood Award.

“It has helped me to learn even more Spanish,” says Melissa of the program.  She continues saying, “I’ve learned to better organize my time through prioritizing and organization skills”. 

Melissa plans to attend Brigham Young University where she wants to major in Biology and minor in Spanish.  She hopes to become a Pediatrician. 



Morgan Ferrell


Social Science


Morgan is the daughter of Robert and Lori Ann Ferrell.  At a young age she developed an interest in history and the role it plays in society, especially government.   She enjoys learning about the constitution and the current political events going on in the world and in America.  This passion as well as the great scholarship opportunity led her to apply for the Sterling Scholar program.  

Her five greatest accomplishments reflect her enthusiasm for social science.  They include: Captain of a Mock Trial and Law Team (state semi finalists), Study Abroad in Europe, Honor Roll ever trimester of high school, Winner of Northern Utah’s Jr. Miss competition, and 1st place in a speech competition.

The Sterling Scholar program provides an incredible opportunity for students to create a resume.  Morgan has experienced just this.  “It has allowed me the chance to put all of my life accomplishments into one portfolio,” says Morgan.  She continues saying, “It will be very useful in the future for jobs and school.  The experience has provided me with the ability to gain more experience and expertise in the area of social science.”

Morgan plans to attend Brigham Young University in the fall, where she will work towards majoring in Middle Eastern Studies and Political Science.  Ultimately, she hopes to become a lawyer, specializing in constitutional studies.