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Morgan stars compete in special games

Article Date: 
22 February, 2013 (All day)

Our very own Morgan Stars are a part of the Special Olympics program. This year, teams from Morgan were able to participate in a heart-warming event that displayed their impressive talents on the volleyball court.
For months, the Stars have been earnestly practicing skills with the high school volleyball team in preparation for their tournament. MHS volleyball players were mixed in as unified teammates with the Special Olympic athletes for the event. 
The Middle School gymnasium was filled with festivities, family, friends and members of the community who came to support the team. Banners and posters were hung supporting the athletes. There was a roar of excitement when they entered the gym. An announcer called the name of each athlete as they ran through two lines of their teammates, the MHS volleyball team, giving high fives along the way toward the center of the court. 
The Special Olympians had been looking forward to this moment for a while now. Excitement was high, and the moment was magical. 
The games were filled with moments of excitement as the Morgan Star’s members served, bumped, set and spiked the ball back and forth over the net. There was even a skills competition where younger members showcased their athleticism to the crowd. Hustle and hard work was shown on the court in friendly games of volleyball. It was enjoyable for everyone present.  
After the games, each Special Olympic member was given rewards and trophies in the Awards Ceremony. Each participant’s face lit up with exceeding joy. All exited the gym with a grin from ear to ear. They exemplified true athletes that stayed true to their name as they “shined” inside and out.
Congratulations to the Morgan Stars Special Olympic team for all your hard work.