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Morgan Track Back On Track

Article Date: 
8 April, 2011 (All day)


Track season got into full swing Wednesday, March 23, when the Trojans traveled to Ben Lomond to compete with the Scots, the St. Joseph Jays and the Judge Memorial Bulldogs.  

The teams were greeted with one of the few blue skies of this spring but the air still had that winter chill.  

The girls’ team for Morgan returns all but two of the girls who brought home a region championship in 2010 and with the new-comers on the team there is great expectations of what the 2011 edition of the Lady Trojans will do.  

The boys’ team lost many senior standouts last year and are in the process of rebuilding the team with the many new faces that have come out for the team.  

There are two new coaches for the Trojans this year. Rosy Lee and Josh Browning have joined coaches Ryan Miller, Steve Carrigan and Candice Eckberg as the coaching staff for the 2011 year.  Rosy and Josh bring to the team distance experience which was the area that needed to be filled.  

Rosy Lee was a standout distance runner for East High School and then ran for the Oregon University Track Program. She and her family moved to Morgan this year and she has been a teacher and coach in the Ogden area before moving to Morgan.  

Josh Browning graduated from Morgan High and ran cross country and track.  

The two coaches make a great distance team and are working well with the athletes in their areas of the program. We welcome Rosy and Josh to Morgan High SchoolTrack.

The first meet of the year is always an exciting event as the returning athletes want to see where they are in the early stages of training and the newer athletes are just happy to be a part of an official track meet and try out their newly found skills. 

The day went well and coaches and athletes were pleased as each event was contested with enthusiasm and energy.  When the final results were totaled the teams cores were:


Boys Ben Lomond 78, Morgan 76, Judge 44 St. Joseph 20


Girls Morgan 123, Judge 28, St joseph 26, Ben Lomond 25


Those athletes marking in the top six places for Morgan are listed below:


Boys 110 H

1st Casey Evans         16.93

3rd Rylan Cox              19.08

4th Cameron Arnold       19.95


4th Bridger Anderson    12.10

5th Joe Kippen 12.20

6th Ethan Clark 12.43


1st Casey Evans 44.65


5th Sean Workman 5:07


3rd Trevor Heath 58.15

4th Kevin Hoffman 58.58

5th Hayden Garfield 58.85

6th Parker Bullock 1:02


6th Sean Workman 2:21


4th Colton Rowley 24.99

5th David Glover 25.96


3rd Jake Dean 11:53

4th Sean Workman 11:54


2nd Rylan Cox 121-11

4th Cameron Arnold 110-04

6th Tyler Kippen 98-00

H Jump

1st Casey Evans 6-02

2nd Rylan Cox 5-10

4th Gabe Davis 5-6


6th Kyle Stapley 38-06


3rd Rylan Cox 109-06

5th Josh Mines 108-06

L Jump 

3rd Joe Kippen 18-1.5

4x100 Relay 

2nd 48.28

Joe Kippen 

Bridger Anderson 

Ethan Clark 

Cameron Arnold

Medley Relay 

1st 4:42 

Joe Kippen 

David Glover 

Tanner Reese 

Rylan Cox

4x400 Relay  4:04

Trevor Heath 

Dallin Hoffman

Kevin Hoffman

Hayden Garfield





1st Natasha Anderson 18.70 

3rd Rashel Blazzard 19.53

4th Megan Passey 19.97 

5th Megan Miner 20.06 

6th Pasha Lloyd 20.09


1st Rashel Blazzard 

times not sent (48)

2nd Megan Passey

time not sent   (49.5)

3rd Molly Adams 

time not sent  (57.10)


3rd Emmalee Barajas 13:20 

4th Andrea Millburn 13:24

5th Lizzy Stauder 13:56 

6th Candace Gunn 15:09


1st Saren Johnson 13:83 

4th Rashel Blazzard 14:14 

5th Natasha Anderson 14:37


4th Lara Deru 6:03 

6th Lizzy Stauder 6:34


1st Ashley Garfield 1:05 

2nd Melissa Walker 1:09 

4th Lisa Van Campen 1:11

5th McKenzie Moore 1:12


2nd Lara Deru 2:46

4th Andrea Millburn 2:48


2nd Cheyenne Wardell 30.75

5th Rebekah Elton 30.94 

6th McKenzie Moore 31.57


1st Ashley Garfield 92-09 

2nd Kelsey Henry 88-06 

4th Lindsey Miles 79-04 

6th Chelsey Stegelmeier 67-11

L Jump 

2nd Ashley Garfield 15-05 

3rd Rachel Johnson 14-11


1st Chelsey Stegelmeier 33-06.5

2nd Kassie Nagel 32-00.5

4th Kelsey Henry 27-03


1st Chelsey Stegelmeier 126-11.5

2nd Kassie Nagel 77-11.5

3rd Kelsey Henry 77-05

5th Megan Stapley 75-05.5

H Jump

1st Rachel Johnson

Lindsey Miles

4x100   Relay

1st  54.98

Rachel Johnson 

Rashel Blazzard

Rebekah Elton

Melissa Walker

Medley  Relay 

1st 4:50.28

Ali Peterson 

Rebekah Elton

Megan Passey

Emmalee Barajas

4x400 Relay 1st 

Megan Passey

Ali Peterson

Melissa Walker 

Rashel Blazzard

Megan Passey