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Morgan Track at Grizzley Invitational

Article Date: 
29 April, 2011 (All day)


The Morgan High School Track Team has traditionally attended the Logan High, Grizzley Classic, Invitational for the last decade.  It is a large meet with over twenty schools from 1A-5A classifications competing.  

The 2011 edition last Saturday, April 16, was no exception, with nineteen girls teams and twenty-two boys teams filling the stands.  The weather was drizzly and raining off and on all day.  Athletes have to really concentrate their efforts to focus on their events and not the weather, on days like this, which makes it hard to perform at peak capacity.  But Chelsey Stegelmeir, Kassie Nagel, Rachael Johnson, Stephanie Criddle and Casey Evans all reach State Qualifying marks at this meet.(see marks below) Congratulations to these Trojan Athletes.

There is always a good supporting cast for the Morgan athletes when they travel away.  Many parents filled the stand and gathered around the throwing events to watch their son or daughter perform. The girls continued to show their strength with a 5th place finish, 59.75 points, and the boys placed 15th with 19.85 points.

Here are the results from Saturday at Logan:




Rachael Johnson               13.32   12th

Stephanie Criddle            14.06 

Rebekah Elton                   14.09 

Shannon Criddle              14.23


Rebekah Elton                   29.05

Taylor Weitzeil                  29.95 


Ashley Garfield                  1:02.48 

Rashel Blazzard                 1:06.01

Megan Passey                     1:07.36

Cheyenne Wardell           1:11.00


Laura Deru                           2:35.63 

Candace Gunn                   2:48.56

Tiana Wally                         2:55.91 


Andrea Millburn               6:12.25

Lizzy Stauder                     6:20.70 

Lauren Casper                   6:29.35 


Andrea Millburn              13:07.00

Lizzy Stauder                     13:30.75

Candace Gunn                   13:52.44


Kayla Jackson                    18.85

Natasha Anderson           19.16

Rashel Blazzard                19.64

Megan Miner                      19.53



Rashel Blazzard 50.46

Kayla Jackson 52.47

Natasha Anderson 54.69

4x100                           53.46      8th

Rachael Johnson

Shannon Criddle

Stephanie Criddle

Rebekah Elton


Taylor Weitzeil 1:51.79      2nd

Ali Peterson

Paysha Lloyd

Chandler Weitzeil


Rashel Blazzard 4:21.94 7th

Ali Peterson

Megan Passey

Melissa Walker

Med Relay

Lauren Casper   4:42.83   4th

Rebekah Elton

Megan Passey

Ali Peterson


Chelsey Stegelmeir    36-10   2nd

Kassie  Nagel        35-06

Annie Bateman     22-04.5

Courtney Sanders   21-07   


Chelsey Stegelmeir    118-06    1st

Kassie Nagel         86-06     10th

Elissa Clark   69-00

Lisa Van Campen     62-06


Ashley Garfield    98-05  7th

Lisa Van Campen    82-01

Elissa Clark            57-10

High Jump 

Rachael Johnson   5-01  2nd

Stephanie Criddle 5-00 4th

Shannon Criddle 4-10 8th

Long Jump

Ashley Garfiled 15-08 7th

Rebekah Elton 13-11.5

Cheyenne Wardell  11-01.5





Bridger Anderson             11.92

Joe Kippen                           12.08

Kalin Johnson                    12.14

Ethan Clark                         12.30


Joe Kippen                           25.09 

Ethan Clark                         25.19


David Glover                       27.66


Travis Carter                      56.83

Bridger Anderson            57.12

Hayden Garfield               57.21

Kevin Hoffman                  57.31


Taylor Preslar                     2:16.47


Jake Dean                             5:10.85

Joe Miller                             6:09.76


Jake Dean                             11:27.74

Tyler Dean                           13:07.66


Casey Evans                         16.33      9th

4x100 Relay

Bridger Anderson            46.92      6th

Joe kippen  

Kalin Johnson 

Ethan Clark 

4x400 Relay

Hayden Garfield                3:51.57    10

Trevor Heath

Travis Carter

Kevin Hoffman

Med Relay

Ethan Clark 4:08.42    12th

David Glover

Trevor Heath

Jake Dean


Kyle Stapely     38-07

Tyler Kippen    36-09

Landon Loucks    36-05

Kole Davis   30-11.5


Rylan Cox   110-06

Landon Loucks   88-10

Tyler Kippen    113-03


Casey Evans 155-07 3rd

Rylan Cox 123-04

Cameron Anderson 119-10

Tyler Kippen 113-03

High Jump

Casey Evans   6-02 3rd

Gabe Davis 5-09 tie 6th

Rylan Cox 5-06

Long Jump

Gabe Davis 19-6.5

Joe Kippen 18-5.5

Kalin Johnson 16-11

Jaran Bennett 16-04