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Morgan Valley Memories for the Week of December 10

Article Date: 
10 December, 2010 - 06:00

A Community Christmas Celebration, which is being sponsored by the Morgan Lions Club, will be held Saturday, December 20.  A giant Christmas tree will be erected on the Union Pacific lawn through the kindness of the Union Pacific, and lighted for the entire Christmas holidays.
The Utah Packing Corporation will close a very successful cabbage “Campaign” this week.  During the past two months, they have handled 3943 tons of cabbage, which has resulted in the manufacture of approximately 200,000 cases of “That Good Kraut,” most of which has been canned here at the Morgan plant.
The staff for the new high school magazine, “The Trojan Trumpet,” has been selected as follows:  Editor, Ireta Carter; Assistant Editor Maxine Sagers; Faculty Advisor, Miss Ruth Thornton.  Other members of the staff are Lucille Olsen, Peggy Palmer, Margaret Criddle, Della Nielson, Mary Nielson, Margaret Williams, Marion Terry, Francis Carrigan, Carvel Bingham, Lois Jemmett, Maurine Webb, Ella Harding, Pearl Brough, LaNez Hopkin and Mildred Johnson.
 LADIES – For your fancy work, I will be pleased to see you at my home.  I have a number of church books suitable for Christmas gifts.  MARGARET R. SALMON
Alfred John London, a blacksmith of Croydon, died at his home Wednesday after a long illness.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Porter and son Merrill, and Mr. and Mrs. O. S. Kilburn attended the University of Utah play last Thursday night in Kingsbury Hall.
The Gleanor Girls of the North Morgan Ward had a party Tuesday under the direction of Misses Letia Tippetts, Louis Rock and Vivian Johnson.  Progressive games were played.  Misses Esther Hopkin, Clare Heiner, Ruth Heiner and Mrs. Ferrel Thackeray were in charge of the lunch.  About 25 girls were present.
Clyde Richards, Paul Turner and Marlan Richards, who are attending the A.C. (Agricultural College) in Logan, spent the weekend here visiting with their parents.
Thomas Rich, 93, of Porterville, pioneer of Morgan County, farmer and lumberman, died Sunday at 11:55 a.m. in a Salt Lake hospital of causes incident to age.
Miss Reta Williams, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. V. T. Williams, returned home from the hospital last Tuesday after undergoing a very successful appendectomy.
I’ve heard that Merry Christmas
Is our dear old Santa’s wife,
No wonder that he wears a smile
And seems so full of life.

They always come together
The same time every year
No matter what the weather
They bring that Christmas cheer.

They are the sweetest couple
I think that ever was.
There would be no Merry Christmas
If there were no Santa Claus.
-Jesse C. Little
President Heiner, Merlin Clark and the North Morgan Choir gave a program at North Ogden Ward on Sunday.  The house was packed and everyone surely did enjoy it.  Mrs. Elsie Heiner and Mrs. Marion Rich were the accompanists.  Miss Elaine Francis, Mrs. Clayton, Albert Carrigan and Paul Porter were the soloists.
A candidate for the police was being given an oral examination.  “If you were by yourself in a police car, and were being pursued by a gang of desperate criminals in another car doing 40 miles an hour on a lonely road, what would you do?”  The candidate replied promptly, “Fifty.”
Mrs. Alfred Carter, who has spent the past week in Salt Lake, returned home Saturday night.  Her daughter, Mrs. LeMar Durrant, returned with her.
Mrs. Edna Porter spent Sunday in Kaysville where she went to see her aunt, Mrs. Emily Brough, who is ill.
Mrs. Gunda Olsen celebrated her 90th birthday Saturday when ten relatives and friends called during the day and wished her many happy returns.
Mark Thackeray was elected chairman of the Morgan County Production and Marketing Administration at an election held Monday, December 4.
Looking forward to their 65th wedding anniversary are Mr. and Mrs. George C. Turner.  The couple were married December 18, 1985 in the Salt Lake LDS Temple.
“The ability to laugh away troubles, exercise the body sensibly and regularly,”  that’s what L. H. Durrant would tell you if you asked him  what he attributed to his 94 years of vigorous life.
Reinhardt Olsen, 86, died at his home in Peterson Wednesday, December 6, at 11:15 p.m. of a stroke.
A number of Porterville people attended the testimonial given in the Richville Ward Sunday evening for Elder Paul Dickson.  Among them were Bishop and Mrs. Charles Kippen, Mr. and Mrs. Horace Porter and Letha Porter.
Mrs. Gilbert Porter honored her small daughter, Peggy, last Tuesday on the occasion of her birthday.  A number of friends of Peggy’s enjoyed games and a nice lunch.
Brent and Cindy Clark were named the Utah State Farm Bureau young farmer and rancher award.
Alisa and Wendall Rose were the cooks of the week. (In this photo of Wendall, he is a mirror image of comedian Jeff Foxworthy.)
The Peterson LDS Church was purchased by the Morgan Valley Christian Church.
Janeen Gardner of Mountain Green is recovering from botulism.
The FFA Sweetheart contest Royalty were announced.  They were Kellie Ford and Kalem Sessions as Mr. and Miss Congeniality, attendants Trisha Garn and Brandon Rees, and Queen and Emperor were Katy Wilkinson and Austin Turner. (Yes, Austin used to have hair, and he was really an Emperor.)
Heiner Bottling started production.
The Morgan High wrestlers won the Evanston wrestling tournament.
Steven and Grace Hancock both passed away one day apart. Steven passed on Nov. 26, and Grace Hoopes Hardmen Hancock passed away one day later. Steven was 82, and Grace was 75. Both died of cancer.
Joseph Francis was honored for his years of service to Morgan.
Bruce Williams, the business manager for the Morgan County School District took a job with Davis School District.
Edith Baugh celebrated her 80th birthday.
The Morgan High Troyettes won their division in the annual dance competition. They were headed by April Rose.
A meth lab and marijuana nursery was found in a home in Mountain Green.
Morgan City updated their computer software.