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Morgan Valley Memories for the Week of December 31

Article Date: 
31 December, 2010 - 06:00

A marriage license was issued Tuesday in Salt Lake City, to Harold Hutchins Francis of this city and Miss Vesta Elaine Snell of Provo. Both are well known and highly respected young people of this city, Miss Snell is a former teacher of our city schools, and the groom is the son of A.W. Francis of this city. The News in behalf of the very wide circle of Morgan friends extends sincere congratulations.
The Morgan Post. No. 67, of the American Legion and the Ladies Auxiliary supplied 27 Christmas boxes to the needy families in the county. The survey of needy families was made though the cooperation of the bishopric of the various LDS wards. Each box contained a chicken and an assortment of other foods.
Moroni Clawson, 73, died on December 20 at the Dee Hospital in Ogden following a six-day illness.
The following attended the District No. 2, American Legion Convention in Ogden last Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ellis, Mr. and Mrs. Tex Rich, Mr. and Mrs. Merle Creager, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Thurston, Mr. and Mrs. Cleve Peterson, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Bray, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bell, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Kygar, Mrs. Irene Heiner, and Mr. and Mrs. B. K. Farnsworth. Mr. Farnsworth was presented with a beautiful engraved watch by the district for his services as District Commander the past two years. Preston Thatcher of Bountiful, vice commander, made the presentation.
Delor Rich, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Rich, is ill at this time.
Funeral services for Mrs. Emma Elizabeth Rich were conducted Friday in Richville.
Mrs. Bessie Thurston entertained the Milton Birthday Club Saturday afternoon in honor of their birthday. Twenty nine members enjoyed the afternoon and were served a delicious lunch.
Frank W. Little from the Signal Aviation Corps stationed at Decoma, Washington is here spending the Christmas holidays with his father, J. C. Little, and sister Edna May Little.
Mr. and Mrs. George C. Turner were honored on their 50th wedding anniversary at an open house on December 23.
The annual Lion’s Club Santa Claus visit was greatly enjoyed by a  crowd of children Monday evening.  ( Can someone call Doug at the paper and tell him how long the event was on Mondays and when it changed to Saturday’s)
Listed on Page one of The Morgan County News this week in 1950 was Morgan Siren Signals with the explanation below:
Several requests have been made that we again publish the fire alarm signals so that citizens may recognize the location of fires and be able to distinguish other siren signals. 12 O’clock, Noon One Long  Robbery in Town  Four Short    Water Shut Off One Long    Fire in Town   Three Long   Fire in North Morgan   Long Short Long   Fire in South Morgan  Short Long Short   Fire in Porterville  Tow Short  Fire in Richville  Two Short One Long    Fire in Milton   Short Two Long   and Fire in Stoddard or Perterson  Three Short Long.
Ray Wiscombe was injured, suffering a broken ankle and disjointed toes when the tractor he was driving rolled over twice on a side hill in Spring Hollow.
Funeral services were held in the stake tabernacle Wednesday for Mrs. Mary Shaw Rogers, 79, who died at her home after a short illness.
Shortly after 2 p.m. on Saturday afternoon, Santa Claus arrived by automobile in Morgan. A large crowd of children was waiting around the Christmas tree on the Union Pacific lawn on Commercial Street when Santa arrived. It was a colorful scene. Upon his arrival, Santa was immediately surrounded by the children, all-eager to catch his attention and tell him what they wanted for Christmas. While he was listening to the little ones, members of the Lions Club were busy giving sacks of peanuts and candy to the children. One little fellow asked Santa for cowboy chaps and to the consideration of his mother, Santa promised the boy, that he should have them-if he was good. Fortunately there happened to be one pair left in one of the stores, so all went well.
Morgan County Schools announce major school repairs to be done in 1986.
Mac McConaughy, former editor and publisher of The Morgan County News celebrated his 80th birthday in Morgan.
Arnold Smith wrote a great story on Mink in Morgan.
Sheriff Bert Holbrook talked in the newspaper about home burglaries that happened in Morgan County recently.  There was a side story about missing gas from vehicles and personal property.
Darwin Little was named as a new Morgan County Sheriff deputy.
Morgan County had a big snowfall and it kept both the city and county crews busy this week.
Morgan County Treasurer Gloria Anderson was spotlighted in the paper.
Elder Blaine Breshears (Now the Morgan County Sheriff) returned from serving in the Ventura California mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Elder William and Sister Joyce Weaver were called to serve in the Philippines Manilla Mission.