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Morgan Valley Memories for the Week of January 14

Article Date: 
14 January, 2011 (All day)


The Morgan Lions Club met. Dale Pingree of the Pingree Anderson Milling Company and R. R. Dorland, superintendent of the Union Portland Cement company plant at Devil’s Slide, were special guests.

The Morgan County Farm Bureau held their annual meeting for the election of officers. They are C. Alfred Bohman, president, Jabin Robinson, vice president,  A. R. Turner, secretary and treasurer. 

Miss Mildred Redden entertained a number of young people Saturday night at the Thackery home in Croydon, giving a house party in honor of Miss Maxine Wadsworth who will leave Friday for Berkley, California. Those present were: Maxine Wadsworth, Willard Nielson, Mildred Redden, Don Nielson, Ida Parkinson, Everette Robison, Francis Hopkin, Derlin Redden, Joseph Rees, June Burton, Doll Tucker, Margaret Wadsworth, Nida Taggart and Merrill Redden. 

W. H. Dickson and Reed Dickson attended the stock show last week in Ogden.

Reed Dickson was released as first counselor to the ward Sunday school in Richville. Golden Porter was released as second counselor and selected as first. Randall Rich was appointed as second councilor. Levi Waldron is the superintendent. 

A miscellaneous shower was given at the home of Miss Carma Francis in honor of Miss Eunlee Stoker. The evening was spent in music and games, after which a delicious supper was served. Many beautiful and useful gifts were received and a pleasant time had by all present. 

A rousing pep rally was held Friday, previous to the basketball game at Coalville. Coach Schaub and members of the team voiced their views of the coming game. The band played the school songs, and snappy yells completed the program. 

The semester ended January 12, 1931, and grades will come out January 14. Everyone is wearing a long face now. Let’s hope there will be a change after they receive their cards. 


Mr. and Mrs. Earl S. Francis announce the birth of a baby boy, January 1st, in the Dee hospital in Ogden. 

Mr. and Mrs. James T. Palmer entertained at a New Years Eve party at their home for the following guests: Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe B. Robison, Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. James Compton, Mr. and Mrs. Alma Randall, Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Robison, and Mr. and Mrs. R. Thomson. 


The Morgan City municipal power plant showed a profit of $3,591.35 during the calendar year of 1939, it was noted today in the copy of an audit report.

Mr. and Mrs. James Palmer and Mr. and Mrs. Errol Eddington were hosts at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Palmer in honor of the outgoing county officers.

Funeral services for Hyrum P. Geary were conducted.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Carter on January 4, was a baby girl.

Orsan Robison Jr. has returned to the CCC camp near Provo after spending several days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Orsan Robison.  

Mr. and Mrs. George Alford Turner announce the birth of a son, born December 30, 1940.

Ray Maxwell, son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Maxwell, met with a painful accident New years afternoon while sleigh riding. He suffered facial cuts.

Following is a letter on the front page from S. D. Perry, the publisher and owner of The Morgan County News at the time.  Believing that the taxpayers of Morgan School District would appreciate knowing for what purpose their money is being spent in the conducting of said district schools, together with minutes of proceedings, The Morgan County News will submit at the January meeting of the board of directors a request in writing to publish the minutes of each and every meeting, verbatim, in said newspaper. Copy to be furnished said newspaper by the secretary of the board as soon after such meetings as possible, and to appear in current issue as a matter of public news, wholly without charge to the school district. This offer to cover the entire year of 1941. Respectfully submitted, S. D. Perry.   


Two Salt Lake men were killed in a bus crash in Morgan County.  The bus was a Greyhound bus that came across a bend and collided with a vehicle that was racing another car. 

Thomas W. Fry passed away.

Teachers in Utah received a big raise this year. The average teacher made $1,703 a year, from $1,337 the year before. 

Val Carter, Barbara Miller and Jolene Rich were shown in a photo finishing the 1946 Morgan High yearbook. 


An ordinance change in the county about beer passed. The principal change in regulations for the selling of beer is an increase in the license fees. The new ordinance still forbids the sale of beer on Sundays within the limits of the county. 

For his contribution to the LDS Primary, Pres. Clarence D. Rich is given a souvenir by Mrs. Betty Mecham. Children of the eight wards of the county who took part in the presentation were John Wilde, Duane Lee, Deane Dickson, Thomas Harding, Carolyn Lamb, Gene and Jerry Carter, Davis Wilde, Sandra Waller, Pamela Porter, Shona Carrigan, Neil Thurston, Suzanne Allen, Ann Thurston, Patsy Carrigan and Bonnie Baker. 

 Mrs. Hilma Rose has the misfortune to slip and fall on the ice, she received a badly bruised hip.

Mr. and Mrs. Ted London and boys drove to  Salt Lake Saturday evening where they enjoyed the Utah-BYU game on television at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Delbert London.  (Ok boys that are now men, who won?)

Mrs. John Wilkinson had a birthday dinner for her mother, Mrs. L.S. Bell last Wednesday. Present were Mr. and Mrs. Bell and Mrs. Sarahann Salmon and Mr. Wilkinson. 

Tonya Taggart was chosen by her classmates as Queen of the Yearbook. Attendants to Miss Tarrart were Pauline Hulet, Merle Baird, Carol White, LaDon Palmer, Marlene Francis, Barbara Peterson and Rae Dell Stevens. 

To break out with chicken pox the day before his seventh birthday was  a sad experience of Brent Rich, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rich. Of course his birthday party was celebrated when Brent was recovered. And incidentally, Brent was born on Feb. 29, so he really only has a birthday every four years. 


Frank Bohman and Steve Hopkin were sworn in as new County Council members by County Clerk Mary Mecham.

Porterville got a new sign. It was put up by Eagle Scout Kirt Kelly.

Dale Thurston and Don Turner ended their time on The Morgan County Commission.

Chris Wilkinson was voted best wrestler at the Juab wrestling tournament. 

Jeff and Charles Jones saved the home of Ada Waldron from burning to the ground. 


A. Kent Smith passed away of cancer. He was 53.  

MHS Sterling Scholars were announced. They were: Matt Winter, Carrie Watt, Troy Pentz, Mike Elquest, Mont Johnson, Trent Bohman, Jennifer Hunt, Kristy Jensen, Jennifer Hatch, Juleen Young, Rachelle Jones and Amy Peterson. 

Darwin Little was called to serve in the Brazil Recife Mission. 

Bruce Clark was called to serve in the Peru, Trujillo mission.


New County Officials took office. They were: J.D. Poorman, Penny Taylor, Joan Patterson, Florence Whitaker, Gloria Anderson, Herb Crittenden, Bert Holbrook and Paul Turner. 

Norma Criddle passed away at the age of 78.

LeEttia Belle Rhoades Gardner passed away at the age of 83.


Morgan School District hired Craig Carter as their new business administrator. 

A historical train came to Morgan celebrating Utah’s 100th anniversary. 

Roy and Edith Baugh celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.


Jimmy Francis retired from Morgan City after working for 32 years. 


Josh Wilson wins the 2006 All Star Wrestling Duel

The school board discusses what to do with the land in Mountain Green. (Later to become Mountain Green Elementary)

Darrell and Arnell Mikesell celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. 

Elder and Sister Robert Poll was called to be the directors of the Independence Missouri Visitors Center.