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Morgan Valley Memories for the Week of January 21

Article Date: 
21 January, 2011 (All day)



A rousing pep rally was held Friday, January 16 at Morgan High School for the purpose of arousing the student’s interest for the game.  The cheer leaders were dressed as cowboys for part of the yells and for the others they  represented “Morgan’s Good Peas.”  The rally stimulated the students as shown by their enthusiastic cheering at the game.

Last Friday evening about ten thirty, when en route from Salt Lake City by automobile, J.H. Roberts, manager for the Weber Coal Company of this city had a most harassing experience.  At the mouth of Parley’s Canyon two men stepped in front of his car brandishing a revolver and flashlight.  With the increasing number of holdups and robberies all over the country it was naturally Mr. Roberts first thought that it was a holdup and he stepped on the gas in an effort to get away.  The holdups shot once as the car sped past and then jumped into their close awaiting automobile to give chase.  Mr. Roberts soon discovered it was hopeless and dangerous to try and escape by running away from them on the slippery roads so he came to a halt   near the Mountain Dell reservoir.  Much was his surprise when the supposed bandits turned out to be merely deputy sheriffs who were on the lookout for four of the convicts who had that day escaped from the Salt Lake City Jail. 


The following were present at a progressive dinner and sleighing party at the home of Miss Louise Taggart: The Misses Margaret White, Faye Taggart,  Betty Ely, Grace Francis, Melba Francis, the Messrs. Art Francis, Malan Francis, Kent Francis, Hommer Francis, and Dick Brimley.

U S highway 30 was closed temporarily Monday by high drifts in Weber Canyon.  Reports have it that snow slides also covered the road in the vicinity of Devils gate.


On Wednesday evening, January 15 at Como Bowling Alley, the bowling enthusiasts of Morgan organized into what is known as the Morgan Bowling League.  At a meeting the members picked Milo Heiner as president and Dale Schott as secretary-treasurer.

   The Ogden Pioneers scored a win over the Morgan Lions Saturday night at the Morgan School gym.  A capacity crowd saw the Pioneers gain revenge for their amateur department last week by the Lions.


Curtis Carter suffered a deep cut on his right cheek Wednesday when he was loading a pig.  He had thrown a rope over the pig when a huge red hog attacked him.  Carl Phillips appeared on the scene and brought Curtis to the doctor’s office where it was found necessary to take 18 stitches in the wound.

As far as is known, Betsy Mikesell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mikesell is the first Morgan girl to enter the service since World War II.  Betsy will leave for San Francisco Sunday morning where she will be sworn into the United States Navy as a WAVE.  From there she will be sent to Great Lakes Mich for boot training. 


Fire raged through the basement of the Marlin Brooks home on Friday evening.  The Morgan County Fire department responded quickly to the call and arrived at the scene within ten minutes of receiving the call for help, thus they were able to confine the flames to the basement area.  The fire was caused when a TV attached to a game system burst into flames.


Robert M Walker of Morgan received Scouting’s highest honor, the Silver Beaver Award, January 15, 1886 at the Lake Bonneville Council’s Sixty Sixth annual banquet and award night at Weber State College.

Morgan High’s Ben Russell chalked up 18 points to lead the Trojans to victory over the Cougars of Union High School.  The greatly improved Trojans dominated the scoreboard throughout the game, leaving little hope for the Cougars to improve their record.  They now drop to 2 and 6.


The election of hold-over Commissioner Dee Waldron as commission chairman was one of the first acts of the new commission.  On a motion by commissioner Joan Patterson, Dee was a unanimous choice.

Alice Preece, Morgan School District Lunch Supervisor, is the eighth individual to receive the “I Make a Difference” pin in the district.  She is the first support person to be so honored.

Bears of Pack 181 visited the Morgan County News January 16.  The boys included Josh Preece, Ladd Peterson, Sam Pentz, Wyatt Gardiner, Dan Cox, and Brett Gailey.  They were accompanied by leaders Stan Larsen and Janeen Wayman. 


First National Bank of Morgan’s data processing and operations personnel processed for the first time over a million paper items during the 1995 calendar year.  Anne Porter, Denise Hansen, and Debbie Rowser have the responsibilities of processing all transactions at the 93 year old community bank. 

Last Friday evening at the Utah School Boards Association Convention in Salt Lake City, School Board President Stan Rees presented the Morgan County News with a state-wide media award.  Publishers/owners Kenneth G. and Marie E. Adams were given the “Award for Distinguished Service for High Journalistic Attainment in Reported and Interpreting Education to the Public.”


City Water Shortage Affecting Development - Members discussed options for water use and development at Tuesday’s Morgan City Council meeting.  Apparently, a long list of families and businesses are requesting new usage for water, but the council and the city planning commission will have difficulty granting all requests until the North Morgan water tank project is completed.