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Morgan Valley Memories for the Week of July 23rd

Article Date: 
23 July, 2010 - 06:00

Residents throughout the county gathered at Kent Smith Park in Mountain Green to join in the festivities celebrating the arrival of pioneers to Utah. The celebration has become an annual tradition and includes activities for the whole family.
Kenneth Thomas Adams, 90 of Porterville, passed away on July 27, 2005.

Hugh Davis retired after a 30-year career in education. He had served in that time as a biology teacher, football and track coach, driver’s education instructor, assistant principal and principal.  Editor’s note, Mr. Davis is a teacher and motivator still. Every time he walks into The Morgan County News, he lifts our spirits, and makes us want to be better people. Thanks Mr. Davis.  
Robyn R. Roberts, was named the new Morgan High Principal. Editor’s Note: Many of you will remember her when she drove her motorcycle to work.

The Morgan County Fair Royalty was announced.  Queen was Wendy Bott, and attendants were Cari Priece and Christy Bailey.
 Artist Joanne Corpany showed her artwork she painted of the Opera House circa the early 1900’s. It was to be displayed at Larry’s Spring Chicken Inn.

Harry and Dorothy Wilkinson were named the grand marshal’s of the Morgan County Fair Parade.  
Mary Francis Hopkin, 96, passed away on July 26, 1990.

Twain Carter and Ray Durrant saved Dale Wilson’s barn full of hay from burning up. Twain was passing Dale’s home when he noticed the smoke. Ray was coming out of the post office when he noticed the smoke.
Morgan County had a budget of $1,067,966 during 1984.
Morgan met its new sheriff. He is Bert Holbrook.

A headline stated, “There will be a big time at the fairgrounds Thursday evening, July 27 at 7 p.m. when the Morgan Recreation Committee will sponsor an Ozark Donkey Derby. “

The 4-H group, under the leadership of Mrs. June Baird held a meeting at the home of Miss Melba Mecham last week. The previous week it was held at Colleen Jensen’s. The girls are taking  sewing.
Headline on the front page of The Morgan County News said, “FALSE STORY GIVEN PUBLICITY THAT IS WITHOUT CREDIT The story followed, The Morgan County News takes pleasure in correcting a story which appeared in the Ogden Standard Examiner this week stating that 50 boys from the Morgan Camp were sent home.  Only thirty-five CCC boys are stationed at the Morgan SIDE CAMP and none of them have been sent home. Morgan County citizens take pride in industry and orderly conduct of the camp boys stationed at Morgan and join with the news in reprimanding The Standard for publishing stories of this nature without proof of their authenticity.

During his visit to Morgan County last Saturday. D. P. Murray, state boys’ and girls’ club leader, visited all the pheasant projects in the county and indicated that they were well satisfied with conditions.

Editor’s note: I need some history help. For many years The Morgan County News spelled Croydon as Croyden.  Do any of you know if it was just an error that the publishers didn’t catch for over six years, or did they change the spelling?