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Morgan Valley Memories for the Week of November 19

Article Date: 
19 November, 2010 - 06:00

Jane Mertz and Donna Butters both celebrated 80th birthdays.
Lola May Tucker Campbell passed away at the age of 92.
Gas prices dropped an average of 46 cents recently. Gas in Morgan was going for $2.32 after the drop.
Richard London was appointed to be the Morgan Justice Court Judge. (he still holds this post)
Bob and Arvella Cox celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. (their 60th was in last weeks edition of The Morgan County News)
Morgan Elementary teacher Barbara Spencer won KSL Radio’s Teacher Feature. (have they been doing Teacher Feature that long. Ok, Barb, you are not that old.)
The Utah Jazz Bear came to Morgan Elementary to help celebrate Red Ribbon Week. (He never gets older, and Barb doesn’t either. )
Hilary Warner was selected to be the student member of the Morgan School Board.
Melba Thacheray passed away at the age of 74.
Meta Henrie Hone passed away at the age of 84.
First graders at Morgan Elementary were asked how to cook a turkey. The answer I loved was from Chris Clark. It said “First you squash it, then roast it for two hours. Slice it in pieces and vacuum it up. Take it out of the house and bury it in a hole. Build a fire and cook it for three hours and then feed it to an elephant.
Elmer and Blanche Barlow celebrated her 60th anniversary.   
Shirley Carter was named the Woman of the year in Morgan.
Marion Mecham passes away at the age of 90.
Verna Mitchell Nelson passed away at 77.
JR Porter, age 62, passed away.
You can get rodent bait at the extension service in Morgan.
37 young men tried out for Trojan basketball. They were: Seniors-William Thackeray, Kent Smith, Gary Loosli, Dan Sommers, Larry Peterson, Dick Francis, Merrell Francis.  Juniors-Vern Killbourne, Rickard McKinnon, Ronald London, Larry Jensen, Lew Wright, Neil Gamble, Kenneth Wilde, Larry Abbott, Jessio LeGrande, Gerald Mikesell.   Sophomores- Gene Winchester, Larry Brower, Scott Francis, Paul Toone, Theran Wilde, Fred Blesinger, Hal Tucker, Loel Mecham, Val Hardy, Keith Waldren, Thomas Welch, James Bridges, Bob Heiner, Rob Waldron, Neil Dickson, Jimmy Johnston, Larry Florence, Stephen Winchester, Robert Stevens and Gail Ulrich.
Cpl. Norman Toone is in France awaiting passage home. Cpl. Charles Pentz is in Texas with the Army. Pvt. Wayne Crouch is in Guam. Douglas Thackeray is stationed at North Island, California, and Dick Thackeray is in Japan.
Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Spendlove spent last weekend in Brigham City at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Spendlove.
1940    T.W. Butters, former Morgan County Commissioner passed away at 67.
Mrs. Esther Heiner entertained at a bridge party at her home. (Maybe they were chatting about the bridge over the Weber River?)
Mrs. Isabelle Giles Madsen passed away and the services were held in Milton.
Ground was broken for a new school building in Morgan. This cost will be a huge amount,  $133,000.
The Freshman Class of Morgan High had the following information in the paper, “Listen! The Freshmen have roused themselves at last. They have an interesting program planned for Nov. 21. All they need now is the cooperation of the class as a whole. It is hoped this can be had for the asking. Will it be a wow? Hardly, but it will be a success.”
An ad in the paper this week said “Dr. S.T. Dearden, Optometrist, Eyes examined, Glasses fitted, Lenses duplicated or repaired. Durrant Bldg. Morgan, Ut.”  (The funny thing about this ad is that is was so small I had to put on my glasses to read it. I bet he got a lot of business that way!)