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Morgan youth gives back to Give Running

Article Date: 
24 May, 2013 (All day)

In light of the events in Boston, Isaac Clark collected used running shoes for the less fortunate to earn his Cub Scout World Conservation Award.  
The project was completed in conjunction with the “Give Running” organization created to help runners around the world. 
The Morgan School District has generously agreed to let Clark put a box in each of the schools.  He was shocked at how many shoes were donated.  He only expected to receive half that amount.
Clark said, “I felt great giving these shoes to other kids and I am really excited that some of the people got to use their shoes already for the Ogden Marathon.” 
According to Clark’s mom, Amy, patrons of the Ogden Athletic Club and the staff and students of Highmark Charter School were the largest contributors.  “They even called after the collection ended saying that they had a whole other bag of shoes for us,” said Amy. 
In all, 45 pairs of shoes were donated.  Clark’s scout troop assisted in cleaning the shoes and getting them ready for delivery.  The Clark family would like to thank everyone who donated shoes to the cause.
“Give Running” representative Greg Woodburn thanked the Clark family for the donation and for their commitment and leadership.
Even though Clark is finished with his project, the Boys & Girls Clubs in Weber and Davis county can always use donations.  You can also help monetarily to offset shipping costs or perhaps provide a scholarship to a local runner to attend one of the “Give Running” camps.  Contribute on the website or call (801) 414-0272 to find out where you can send money locally.