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Mountain Green One Step Closer to Cleaner Water

Article Date: 
5 August, 2011 (All day)


After years of work, cleaner water for some residents in Mountain Green became even closer on Tuesday in the County Council.  A conditional use permit was granted to Cottonwood Mutual Water Company to allow construction of a well house.  This brings the water company one step closer to bringing a new well online to replace a well contaminated with nitrates.

Residents in Mountain Green who receive their water from this well have been taking precautions for more than two years.  The water primarily poses a risk to infants under six months old. 

The water company has experience several delays in bringing the new well online as they worked to mitigate drainage problems, gain permission from residents, and obtain agreements with the state and the county.  With this approval the water company is nearing the end of the process to bring the well online.

Several residents were not happy with the proposed project at the corner of Iris Avenue  and Day Lily Drive, however.  The water company has a small parcel of land on which they have built a detention basin and plan to build a well house.  Four residents of the area with houses adjacent to the property expressed their support of the well, but their concern with the aesthetics of the proposed well house.  

The water company plans to build the pump house out of concrete block and paint the building a sand color per county ordinances.  This is not consistent with the requirements for houses in the area and the residents would like to see the water company construct a building consistent with the neighborhood requirements for homes.  Some residents also expressed the view that the well house should be placed farther back on the property.  Three residents who attended expressed support for the project and did not wish to see any further delays.

After such a long process the water company did not wish to consider any changes that might add delays to their plans.  They expressed the view that changes in the plans at this stage would result in delays in the project.  They wish to bring the well online as soon as possible.

Several members of the council were in favor of responding to the residents concerns, however, the council has limited ability to require anything beyond the county code when issuing a conditional use permit.  The council approved the permit with all in favor except member Nelson.