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Mountain Green Third Graders Perform ‘We are Amazing!’

Article Date: 
7 October, 2011 (All day)


On Tuesday, Oct. 4, the third grade class of Mountain Green Elementary School performed new songs, accompanied by peppy music and contagious actions. The energetic program lasted about 30 minutes and included the songs “We are Amazing”, “Secret Mission”, “Direction Dance”, “What can You Do in 3 Minutes?”, “Smile”, “Stronger” and “How Big Are Your Dreams?”  Another song performed is entitled “The Great Big Beautiful World.” The students were engaged in their performance, and their energy spread to the audience.

Bobby Hansen orchestrated the program and worked with both Morgan Elementary and Mountain Green Elementary third graders. Mountain Green students performed at 2:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday at the elementary school.  Morgan gave their performance last week.

Bobby, who has been a member of the community for 35 years, hired professional songwriters and arrangers Roger and Melanie Hoffman, Steven Kapp Perry, and Marvin Payne to create these infectious songs.  Her purpose was to introduce songs that build self-worth and promote positive actions and feelings. She wanted the songs and program to be inclusive, involving each student, and imparting self-worth to each student.

She has worked on creating this program for about 4 years.  She taught the songs to the elementary students during 12 practices this fall. She wanted songs that tell the children what amazing people they are and what an amazing world we live in.   To find out more about her vision, you can go to her website at: 

Bobby is moving to California this week, and this is her parting gift to the community. Her long term goal is to develop a year long program which would include lesson plans to go along with the songs and to incorporate the concepts that the songs introduce. 

There will be CDs from the  performances available for purchase by the end of October. The CD’s are $10 each and $1 will go back to the child’s school.  If 10 CDs are purchased, then they are $9.