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Need to Get Prepared? 5-K Two Week Jump Start Plan

Article Date: 
17 June, 2011 (All day)


Day 1 -  Invest in a Good Pair of Shoes

You’ll run 3 days this week, starting tomorrow. Every week you’ll add half a mile to your runs, building up to 4 miles before race day. Make sure you have a reliable pair of shoes. 

Day 2 -  Focus on Distance, Not Speed

Start off with a 2-Mile Conversational Run. Maintain a pace that allows you to chat with a friend without gasping for air. 

Day 3 -  Prevent Aches and Pains

Cross training will help prevent injuries, so let your body recover from yesterday’s run. Spend about 30 minutes with a no-impact activity like yoga or swimming.

Day 4 -  Make Sure to Warm Up

Before you head out on today’s 2-Mile Conversational Run, make sure to warm up for 5 minutes. During your run, focus on maintaining a comfortable pace and don’t worry about beating the clock.

Day 5 -  Kick Back and Relax

Give yourself a break today and let your muscles repair themselves and get stronger. You never want to overexert your body or else all your hard work may backfire if you get injured.

Day 6 -  Make Sure to Stretch

It’s important to cool down for 5 minutes and stretch after today’s 2-Mile Conversational Run. If your legs feel tighter than usual, that means your runs are paying off! Release the tension with a few basic stretches or a quick yoga session. 

Day 7 -  Take it Easy

You’ve finished your first week of training! Recover from yesterday’s run and take a break from exercising. 

Day 8 -  Build Muscles, Run Stronger

You should feel well rested after yesterday’s day off. If you’re up for it, spend 30 minutes cross training and lift weights,  go for a bike ride, or just relax. 

Day 9 -  Improve Your Stamina

This week, you’ll add half a mile to each of your runs and rest for the other 4 days. Stay hydrated, and head out for today’s 2.5-Mile Conversational Run. 

Day 10 -  Resist Training Too Hard

Running every day will make you burn out fast. Relax today so you’ll feel fresh and excited for tomorrow’s run.

Day 11 -  Rev Up Your Speed

You’ve been training for 10 days. Keep up the good work! Don’t be surprised if you notice an increase in your pace during today’s 2.5-Mile Conversational Run. You’re building speed and endurance, which will help you perform better on race day.  

Day 12 -  Strengthen Your Muscles with Cross Training

There are lots of great reasons to cross train. Here’s one more: You’ll improve your form—and boost performance. Strengthening your muscles, by lifting weights or doing a challenging yoga class, will help you run more efficiently. You’ll be less likely to drop your arms or drag your feel next time you’re feeling tired. 

Day 13 -  Fuel Up on Nutritious Food

Make sure to drink plenty of water and eat a snack after today’s 2.5-Mile Conversational Run. It’s best to feed your system within 30 minutes to stimulate muscle recovery. Try a turkey and Swiss wrap for a smart blend of carbs and protein.  

Day 14 -  You’re Done, But Don’t Stop Here!

Congrats, you’ve reached the end of the 2-week Runner’s World 5-K Jump-Start plan, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop training! Come race day, you’ll hit the ground running—faster than ever!