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New political issues committee registers to support voted local levy

Article Date: 
10 May, 2013 (All day)

A group of residents in support of the school district’s voted local levy has organized a political issues committee registered with the state and launched a website to further their campaign.
For Morgan Kids is a grassroots organization created with the primary objective to vote in favor of Morgan County School District’s voted local levy on June 25, said Diana Windley, the group’s media contact.  On the state lieutenant governor’s office website at, primary officers are listed as Windley, Jan Forsberg and Cori Morgan.
“We have organized ourselves to help increase awareness of the many positive benefits associated with the passing of the voted local levy,” Windley said.  “We are a group of parents with a common goal to provide additional information and perspective regarding the positive aspects of the levy to the citizens in Morgan County.”
Windley said since the school district cannot formally campaign to persuade voters, For Morgan Kids is actively campaigning.
“Most of our campaign is and will be word-of-mouth,” Windley said.  
Their website at launched Monday and will remain “fluid” as the concerns of voters are addressed, Windley said.  Campaign efforts will also include letters to the editor, fliers and door-to-door contacts, she said.
Although many supporters prefer anonymity, “We are inviting members of the community to show their support on the website,” Windley said.  “The organizers and committee members in For Morgan Kids are known and respected in our community.  They lend credibility to the issues at hand.”
The website lists the names of several residents who have gone on record as supporting the levy, including former Morgan County attorney Kelly Wright, who is acting as the group’s official spokesman.  Others include Jed and Shana Croft (webmaster), Scott and Michelle Duncan, Carl Hipwell, Chris and Paul Johnson, Travis and Aimee Perry, and Trevin and Courtney Wallin.  Windley said a dozen parents in the community make up the group’s steering committee.  
“It’s critical that voters in our community have access to as much information as possible,” Windley said.  “Social media plays a strong role in communication these days.  When individuals have the opportunity to discuss and debate issues on social media such as facebook, people become more aware of the issues.  Social media can be a great resource to disseminate information quickly to a large audience.”  
The group’s website addresses various topics of concern to residents including how much the levy will cost homeowners and business owners, the Trojan Century Center, bond refinancing, Morgan’s weighted pupil unit, capital vs. general fund, and broadening the tax base.
Another group, called the Morgan Committee for School Budget Discipline, has also recently filed as a political issues committee with the state.  On the state lieutenant governor’s office website, primary officers are listed as Kera Birkeland, Jennifer Earl and Marvin Bret Haney.  Their website can be found at This group hopes to educate residents on alternative ways to help our schools without passing the voted levy.