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News Briefs for 12 April 2013

Article Date: 
26 April, 2013 (All day)

Weed spraying equipment available to residents
Morgan County is making equipment available to the public in an effort to control noxious weeds county-wide.  Backpack sprayers and sprayers that can be attached to ATVs will be available Mondays and Thursdays from the county extension office free of charge for county residents.  The equipment was purchased by the Morgan County Weed Board.
“We will see if we can’t really get after weeds in the county this year,” said Morgan County Councilman Ned Mecham.
The county recently issued a general notice for “every person who owns or controls land in Morgan County” to control noxious weeds including Dyers woad, St. Johns wort, Bermudagrass, and Ox-Eye daisy, among 23 others listed in the state’s Noxious Weed Act.
The notice said land owners should control the spread of noxious weeds by “effective cutting, tillage, cropping, pasturing, or treating with chemicals” to “prevent the weeds from blooming and maturing seeds, or spreading by root, root stalks or other means.”  
Those who fail to comply will “be deemed negligent” and county officials can impose enforce control, including taking measures to control the weeds and passing the expense on to land owners.  If it is not paid, it can be put as a lien on the property and “become collectible by taxes.”
School lunch fees on the increase
The price of school lunch is increasing for next school year.  Per federal government mandates, prices on school lunch must increase a little every year until they meet predetermined federal levels.  
School lunch prices for the high school will remain the same.  Elementary lunches will increase 10 cents and middle school lunches will increase 5 cents.    
40 year reunion planned for MHS Class of 1973
The Morgan High Class of 1973 is looking forward to their 40 year reunion Saturday, August 10.  The dinner will be held at Larry’s Spring Chicken Inn at 6 p.m.  
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