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News Briefs for 17 January 2014

Article Date: 
17 January, 2014 (All day)

Council selects new chairman
The Morgan County Council selected Logan Wilde as its new chairman, replacing Tina Kelley.  Ned Mecham will continue as vice chairman.
Kelley asked the council to begin training a new chairman, as her seat expires at the end of this year.
“That experience needs to be felt by someone else on a future council,” Kelley said.
Kelley began serving on the council in 2007 while Mecham joined in 2011.  Along with council members Lyle Nelson and Austin Turner, Kelley and Mecham’s positions are up for election later this year.  
Those interested in one of four open council seats can apply starting March 14.
After serving as the vice chairwoman for two years, Kelley has been serving as the council chairwoman since January of 2011.
Councilman identifies sky festival problems
After consulting with those involved in a similar event in Ogden Valley, Morgan County Councilman Austin Turner said an idea for a sky festival in Morgan County may not “fly.”
The county’s economic development consultant Better City had suggested a sky festival as a potential tourist attraction.  However, Turner said the biggest hurdle to a successful sky event would be paying the professional hot air balloon pilots.  Compensation for their time at the event, as well as travel, room and board would be necessary, he said.
“They expect pretty substantial pay to do it.  In the end, it collapsed it,” Turner said.  “There was not real glowing recommendations.”
Councilman Lyle Nelson suggested Turner discuss his findings with Better City.
County hopeful for 2014 economic development
Morgan County has made great economic development strides lately, and one Morgan county Councilman expects even more for 2014.
“It is amazing the things that have happened in just a short amount of time in the economic development arena,” Nelson said.  “I anticipate we will continue to have major things happen this next year.”
Nelson said he has heard a lot of positive feedback regarding the request for proposals for a Como Springs feasibility study that concludes Jan. 17.  Council members Robert Kilmer and Austin Turner will meet with the county’s economic development consultant at the Shot Show in Las Vegas this week in hopes to woo new businesses to the area.  
Consultant Better City has completed an infrastructure report, detailing where major utilities are in the county.  New businesses wishing to locate in the county can draw upon the report to plan construction costs.
The county is also planning a business plan competition with $7,000 pledged so far as prizes, with other in-kind donations also promised.
The Morgan County Economic Development Partnership meeting with Northfront, the county, the city and the Morgan Area Chamber is “getting the communication flowing through the community.” 
Additionally, the Utah Transit Authority is internally discussing bus service plans for Morgan, Nelson said.