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News Briefs for 17 May 2013

Article Date: 
17 May, 2013 (All day)

All dogs in county up for January license renewal
Following a change recently approved by the Morgan County Council, all dogs in Morgan County should be licensed every January.  Previously, dog owners licensed their animals anytime, and the license lasted a year from the original licensing date.  
“It is a lot easier to do it on a calendar year,” said Morgan County Sherriff Blaine Breshears.  “It is a clerical nightmare right now.”  
The city is already licensing animals on a calendar year basis, Breshears said.  The county will allow a grace period as dog owners work to get in compliance.  
Council approves larger hangar
Ron Atwood was recently allowed to build one large hangar in the footprint of two smaller 50 foot by 50 foot ones at the Morgan County Airport in Mountain Green.  The change will allow for an additional 15 foot by 50 foot space.  Atwood said the additional space would not only allow him to house three more airplanes in the hangar, but it would also provide more property tax revenue to the county.
“We are having a hard time getting some of the smaller spaces leased out,” Morgan County Councilman Austin Turner said.  “Everyone wants a bigger hangar.  This is a viable option and a better set up for the airport.  We can attract more revenue.”
The council voted unanimously to approve the change.