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News Briefs for 28 February 2014

Article Date: 
28 February, 2014 (All day)

City Plans Move to Five Day Work Week
The city council has made the decision to move back to a five day work week for Morgan City offices.  Several years ago the State of Utah moved to a four day work week.  Many local governments followed suit.  After significant feedback, the state moved back to a five day workweek.  Morgan City reviewed their opening hours and determined that to provide better service to residents of Morgan they would also move back to a five day work week.  Morgan County remains on a four day work week.  The city will change to Monday through Friday opening hours on March 31. 
City Hires Event Coordinator
Morgan City has hired Susan Duncan from St George as the new community events coordinator for the City.  Duncan has significant experience in vent planning for St George and has family in the Morgan area.  She will be relocating to Morgan.
New Restrooms at Riverside Park
Morgan City has awarded the contract for the construction of new restrooms at Riverside Park.  Construction will begin in April and be complete by August.  Port-a-potties will be available during construction while the restrooms are closed.  The new restrooms will be a brick structure with stainless steel fixtures and LED lights.  The city will double restroom capacity in the new structure.  Holcim has donated $10,000 and labor for the concrete to the project and Precision Structures is donating the trusses. 
Spring Clean Up in April
Spring clean up is coming in April.  The city will be improving the transfer station with asphalt surfaces.  The city would also like to remind residents that green waste (grass clippings, etc) should be taken to the transfer station.  The Davis county landfill uses the green waste to create compost and mulch.  When the green waste is placed in normal garbage receptacles it creates problems for the burn plant that processes this garbage.  The burn plant creates steam for use at Hill Field as an energy source.
Sewer Rates Rising?
Morgan City is considering raising sewer rates in the city to develop capital funds for future sewer needs and improvements.  The current rates cover the operation and maintenance of the system, but do not provide funds to save for future investment into the system.  The city will be reviewing the rates and determining any increases in a future city council meeting.