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News Briefs for May 18, 2012

Article Date: 
18 May, 2012 (All day)

No pressure for county employees to volunteer

According to Morgan County’s new employee handbook, hourly employees cannot be forced to volunteer.  Councilman Robert Kilmer questioned if this could mean that supervisors should not ask their employees to volunteer at the annual county fair.

Undue pressure on employees to perform work off the clock, even in a volunteer effort, can be a violation of fair labor standards, County Attorney Jann Farris said.

Deb Siddoway, the county’s human resource consultant, said employees can volunteer as long as they sign a waiver form.

“You have to avoid any reference from a leadership perspective saying ‘Go, volunteer,’” Siddoway said.


Law Banning E-Cigarettes and Hookah in Public Places Now in Effect


House Bill 245, Definition of Smoking in the Utah Indoor Clean Air Act, passed during the 2012 Utah Legislative session went into effect May 8, 2012. The amendment changes the definition of smoking to include e-cigarettes and hookahs, and bans the use of these items in public places. The Utah Indoor Clean Air Act already prohibits smoking in all publicly-accessible, enclosed indoor facilities, whether publicly or privately owned. §26-38-3(1), §26-38-2(a)-(p).

The Bill allows limited exemptions for businesses that permit hookah use and e-cigarette sampling. “Businesses that apply for the exemption will be allowed time to transition into compliance with the new law,” said Steve Hadden, Health Program Specialist, Tobacco Prevention & Control Prevention, Utah Department of Health. Affected businesses have until July 1, 2012 to apply for the one-time, 5-year exemption.