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Northfront Center opens with ribbon cutting

Article Date: 
11 May, 2012 (All day)


Thursday May 3 marked the grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony of the new Northfront Business Resource Center(NFBRC).  The back patio was full with all of the more than 50 guests and DATC administration, as well as founders, designers, builders and grant writers.  

Many recognized at the open house were the following: Legislative Rep, UCAP, DATC Board of Administration, Morgan School Board, Mayor Egbert and the city council, county councilmembers, former mayor of Morgan Dean Pace, Hadlock Construction, and partners who played a vital role in this development.

Rob Brent with the Utah College of Applied Technology saluted the board of directors at the DATC in their efforts combined with many others to bring this kind of facility to Morgan. Many relationships were fostered with housing agents, other businesses, grant writers, and Morgan City.

“Centers like these provide upgraded skills. They raise the earning power of businesses, create custom fit programs.  All these things happen in facilities like this NFBRC.”

DATC President Mike Bouwhuis spoke about this landmark Northfront Business Resource Center. He talked about how this project has been in the works for seven years, and how everything fell into place for them when they went to purchase the former Val’s Flowers building. Val Kelly was given an appreciation plaque for her donation she made back to the DATC to help with the renovation of the building. With strategic planning and “big, hairy, audacious goals, “ as Bouwhuis termed the project, it was a welcome day to open the doors and this new portal for businesses to gain training and find success. “When you have a dream like this, you have to form bonds and friendships with those in the county,” Bouwhuis said. 

Morgan is the biggest county that sends or does business out of the county. We’re here to help businesses stay in business and grow in Morgan County, including new businesses. 

Catherine Smith with the Division of Housing & Community Development was honored in helping grants get put in place for the NFBRC.  “This project is a gateway because it opens up all kinds of opportunities in community. This building is well planned, with well designed opportunities. It’s open, it’s light, and has bright spaces. It will make all the difference to a business of what you can do in these facilities.  

The train-themed Morgan center is based on the transcontinental railroad, when Morgan was branded one of the only incorporated cities within miles of other train hubs. The building is decorated with trains and elegance, a reminder that just as the trains and rails took passengers to where they needed to go, this business resource center, will also do the same for businesses, getting them the training, the mentoring, the steps, and the resources available to lead them to where they want to be.

Steve Cloward, who has fostered many new business start ups and owns multiple businesses, started the business center at the Layton DATC and is a huge part of this new facility in Morgan, said, “Surround yourself with the best people, best companies, and those who own businesses and have made it through!” This center will provide that opportunity.  “We want to help people in business get on the train, to help them assess the situations to find the best resources, whether it’s for start up or existing businesses.” 

The goal of the center is to provide low cost office space, with use of facilities such as fax, copy, internet, and ongoing business training and resources to help start up businesses eventually move to a larger facility, as a successful thriving business.  The center also has resources for those looking to do government contracts, needing more training for employees, searching for grant information and marketing education,  grow Utah ventures and more.

If you are hosting an event for a business gathering and need to have a formal setting for your event, elegant, private conference meeting rooms are available for two-hour rent at $25. Cubicle space is also available for your business at $150 per month. 


Outdoor patio space for your event is also available to rent for your next business gathering or meeting.  Contact Marnae Hoxer (801) 593-2102 or email