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Outpouring of support shown for Clemens family

Article Date: 
19 July, 2013 (All day)

Last weekend, the Morgan community rallied together with an outpouring of support for a beloved resident.  
This past May, Morgan residents Keven Clemens and his wife Sherry were visiting family in California. While there, Keven’s aorta burst and the resulting drop in blood pressure brought on a series of strokes. Keven was taken into emergency surgery and the outlook was bleak. 
As news spread to members of the Morgan community, many were shocked and saddened to learn that this great man who had touched so many of their lives was now in critical condition. The situation remained grave for many days as doctors and family were unsure of what to expect. 
Meanwhile many Morgan residents prayed and fasted for not only Keven, but the entire family.  Keven had served the community as an LDS church leader.   Many whose own faith had been buoyed up by Keven’s faith used it as they fasted and prayed for a man who had touched many. Throughout the ensuing weeks, progress was posted to friends and family, each grateful for one miracle after another in this precarious medical saga. 
As members of the community looked for more ways to help the Clemens family, a fundraising committee was formed and a fund was set up at the local bank.  The money was intended to aid the family by helping out with their mounting medical bills and Keven’s rehabilitation. These efforts culminated in a large community event last Friday at Riverside Park. The event included a pulled pork dinner, treats and snacks, silent auction, magic show and children’s games.
As the days progressed preceding the event, the local weather forecast called for a 60 percent chance of rain on into the evening. Many were worried this would drive the crowds away, but committee member Jerry Peirce was grateful for “tender mercies” as the rain cleared up early afternoon and sunny skies were abundant the remainder of the evening.  
As the evening began, people came out in droves to show their love and support of the Clemens family. Although an official head count was not conducted, it is estimated that over 1,000 people attended and brought in over $13,000 at this one-night event.  It was touching as people who had never even met Keven came to donate their time and money after hearing how great of a man he is. 
The event closed with a touching video tribute from Keven expressing his love and gratitude to the community. After the video, his son Travis Clemens shared his appreciation.  He said the family never dreamed of receiving such an incredibly high outpouring of love and support. It was a night all will remember.
The fundraising committee consisted of Shane Rappleye, Jerry Pierce, Nancy Pierce, Gary Burraston, Julie Burraston, Chad Hawkes, Denise Hawkes, Cole Rowser, Richard Wiscombe, & Fran Turner. Activities were headed up by CoyAnn Kilmer, Scott and SaRene Brooks handled logistics, and Shelly Betz helped with cotton candy/popcorn, along with many more who gave of their time helping set up and with the various activities. 
Jerry Pierce shared his thanks for all who helped.
“We as a committee pulled this event together in just two weeks and we were so amazed at the support of all our volunteers, financial supporters, business donors, silent auction donors, city government (parks and recreation), etc,” Pierce said.  “It truly wouldn’t have been a success without the support and love of the community. 
We truly live in a blessed community where people will rally together to make things happen for such a good cause. I was so proud to be a part of the event and love the Clemens family so much. 
Keven has played a huge positive impact in my life personally and I felt like I had so little to give compared to his influence on this community.”