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Perfecting the Craft - Morgan Valley Crafts Grand Opening

Article Date: 
29 March, 2013 (All day)

Morgan Valley Crafts hosted a grand opening last weekend welcoming the public to its creative shop, located right here in Morgan.  Refreshments were served which only diverted attention for a moment from the crafts which fared to be a bigger temptation for the great turnout of shoppers.  
Morgan Valley Crafts carries an assortment of items to produce the perfect decoration or gift.  The shelves are stocked with wood crafts, scrapbook supplies, crafting ink, buttons, ribbon and wire.  They recently added crochet hooks and yarn to their bright array of supplies.  
The craft store originally opened in October making its debut during the annual business trick-or-treat; the owners have worked since that point to add the most requested items to their shelves.  Thanks in part to Darcie Harris who does most of the ordering for the store.
Shoppers will find two prices for each item, one price for a finished decoration ready to adorn their home, and a second price for unfinished wood they can customize themselves.  
Unfinished crafts can turn out as unique as the crafter who makes them.  Anna Phelps uses her creativity to create items for sale at the craft store and loves to aid others in choosing the right project, paper, paints, etc.  
Jennifer Vesper, who is ever becoming legendary in Morgan for her cake and gingerbread decorating skills, also contributes design work to the store, thus proving that her skills in design and creativity reach many realms.  Harris also contributes her design talents to the expanding craft store.
For beginner crafters or seasoned creators who desire a new perspective, staff members are able to give creative guidance any time.  Any wood craft purchased can be taken home to be finished or for $5 you can avoid the mess in your own house and finish your project in the craft room.  This meager fee allows you to use any supplies inside the classroom and gives you access to expert advice.  
You can also schedule crafting parties. “It’s more fun with a friend,” Phelps explains enthusiastically.  Friends have found the craft store a prime spot for a ladies night out because, in addition to being close by and inexpensive, it is fun to get together and make something new.   
Any individual or group can schedule a time to use the craft room to work on their projects purchased at Morgan Valley Crafts.  While it is preferred to make a reservation first, drop-by crafters can come in any time.   
Phelps has found that her favorite part of her job, beyond being creative all the time, is aiding someone who has never crafted before leave with a beautiful project.  
Making it more appealing for creative moms with young children, there is a children’s area with building blocks and coloring pages to hold young imaginations while their mothers explore their own imaginations.  The area provides a great view of the trains that frequent the rails along Commercial Street, which is always a delight to little ones.  The area has a TV to occupy children while their mothers make one-of-a-kind decorations.  
 As part of the open house, kids were able to take part in the crafting.  They each made their choice of a bunny, chick or egg.
The craft store is owned by Don Anderson, who also owns The Morgan County News.  The two businesses, along with copy shop, are housed in the same building.  This conveniently extends the hours and days copies can be made.  
The copy shop provides Morgan County with a convenient place for copies, laminating, binding and faxing without traveling far.   
The craft store is currently looking for a part-time employee to add to its creative team.   The ideal candidate will have experience in craft decorating, operating office equipment and basic computer knowledge. The position is expected to be two days per week from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. including at least one Saturday a month. Resumes can be sent to
 “Like” the Morgan Valley Crafts facebook page to stay up to date on new designs as well as contests.  
Morgan Valley Crafts is located at 185 North Commercial Street. You can reach them at (801) 829-3451. Hours of operation are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturdays and closed Sundays.