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Recognizing Members of the Morgan County Board of Education

Article Date: 
7 January, 2011 - 06:00

In the December 14, 2010, issue of the Daily Herald in Provo, a State Senator from Utah County made some insinuating comments that have certainly created a stir.  The remarks were demeaning towards local boards of education across the state and the individuals who serve in that capacity. May I share with readers of The Morgan County News some facts about the Morgan County Board of Education?    
All five board members are productive and respected members of our community.  All five members are caring and loving parents.  All five members hold college degrees.  Dr. Earl Ericksen and Neil Carrigan are retired educators:  Dr. Ericksen ended his career as the chairman of the Weber State University Music Department, while Neil retired after teaching mathematics for four decades. Two are highly successful businessmen: Joey Skinner owns his own software business and Bruce Galbraith retired after a very successful career in the medical supply industry. Ken Durrant has served in the field of public education and industry.  He was a well respected educator in Wasatch and Morgan counties.  He left education to work in industry and recently retired from Holcim, Inc.
For the past four months, the Morgan Board of Education has been actively involved in creating a new mission statement and belief statements for the district.  The Board’s input and direction were vital in aligning these documents with the vision of the State Board of Education and the Governor’s Office.
These men have spent countless hours working side-by-side with the district office personnel in the selection of an architectural firm and a construction manager/general contractor for forthcoming building projects. They have been instrumental in the successful purchase of property for a new transportation facility.  Their priorities have always been directed toward the children of the Morgan School District and future generations as planning on these projects have progressed.
The board members have requested and received weekly updates from the superintendent regarding the business and happenings of the district.  They respond with their concerns and ideas.  Open and active lines of communication exist between the district office and the board members.
Recently, the Board completed the process of selecting a new superintendent.  The process was thorough and exhaustive.  Candidates were screened by the Board and select members of the community who represented all voting districts.  Finalist were again screened and interviewed by the same panel of members.
Members of the Morgan Board of Education are active participants in the educational process.  They understand their role and responsibilities. They also understand the role and responsibilities of the superintendent.  Those who elected them chose each one because of their expertise, strong desire to serve the community, and sharp minds to deal with the difficult decisions to be made during these critical economic times.  Together they work to assure the mission and beliefs of the school system are carried forward in a professional and responsible manner.
It is an honor and privilege to serve with these outstanding members of our community.  They work tirelessly on behalf of the community.  Their integrity, honesty, and forthrightness combine to assure a quality educational environment for the young students of this valley.  They, like dozens of other local boards of education across the state, reflect the highest ideals of representative democracy and grassroutes management of government.