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Red Ribbon a success at Morgan schools

Article Date: 
4 November, 2011 (All day)

Morgan Middle school culminated an event filled week Thursday afternoon, by hosting an assembly to reinforce the messages of the Red Ribbon Week campaign. Started in 1988, Red Ribbon Week is the nation’s oldest and largest drug prevention program which is used to teach students all across America the danger of illegal drugs. 

Morgan Middle School took this one step further to also learn about the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.  

The assembly capped off a week of values taught to the students. Each day throughout the week students had different themes in which they could dress up. Using the schools motto “Seize the day” the students were able to remember the four areas of focus for the week. Tuesday was coined  “say peace out to substance abuse day”. Students were encouraged to dress up in hippie attire. 

On Wednesday students celebrated “everything backwards day”. This was to remind students not to let an unhealthy lifestyle turn their lives backwards. Thursday students went to school “in pajamas” to say goodnight to bullying and violence. 

Friday students were encouraged to have a “zealous healthy lifestyle”. The following Monday, students wore their Halloween costumes for “experiences day” to scare away substance abuse. During the assembly members of the student body put together skits designed to portray their four areas of focus. Miss Rogers advisory class was awarded for having the best decorated door.

Special guest, Resource Officer Taylor explained how important it is to remember there are two kinds of consequences for everything we do. “When we choose to get good grades and go the extra mile we are able to earn more freedom in school or at home, and the respect of teachers and peers.” 

“Consequently, as we make bad choices we may have to report to juvenile court, pay fines or restitution or be suspended. Fortunately, we have a choice in everything we do.” Officer Taylor reminded students that “more people don’t do drugs than do, not everyone is doing it”. He said although it is always better not to place yourself in a bad situation it is equally important to have resistance techniques to help bail you out. A good example of this is having to go meet one of your parents.

In this day and age, there is a lot of pressure put on our youth, the stresses of finding good friendships, and getting good grades can be overwhelming. Not to mention peer pressure. Some use drugs as a release to deal with stress. This only compounds the problem and makes it worse. Officer Taylor recommended physical activity to help face our stressors. “Not only can it clear our mind but it can relieve stress and help to provide a positive outlook on life.”

A favorite part of the assembly was when Deputy Peay brought in his specially trained narcotics dog “Hank” to check for drugs.  Hank was able to find the many hidden drugs that had been confiscated right here in Morgan.  

Officer Taylor told students to also be aware of bullying in the schools. Bullying results in a negative consequence 100% of the time as there is a Zero Tolerance policy in the Morgan school district.  

He wants students to “please speak up if you are being bullied, always come to us if you need us and we will do anything we can to help you”.

To view  healthy habits “clips” shown at assembly go to


Elementary School



The students of Morgan Elementary School celebrated Red Ribbon Week by not only learning, but having a good time while they did. They started the week by “Climbing a Mountain to a Drug Free Life”, Each student signed a large paper mountain and pledged to do just that!  They also made classroom posters, and planted red tulips. The highlight of the week was “Being Drug Free is no sweat”. The children could choose recess or Zumba at Lunchtime.  Zumba was a hit and enjoyed by both children and moms.   Thanks PTSO for a great week.