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Red ribbon week celebrated at MES

Article Date: 
23 November, 2012 (All day)

Friday, Nov. 16, the Morgan High School track was a sea of crimson energy as the second grade lined up for the second annual Turkey Trot.  The eager children wore red as they wrapped up Red Ribbon Week.  The little gentlemen stood aside while little ladies took the first lap.  A classic ribbon flag was held across the starting line and at the signal the girls took off at an amazing pace.  The girls raced each other the ¼ mile around the track.  They showed great spirit and sportsmanship from the first runners across the finish line to the last of the class who steadfastly walked to the end.  Cheers were given for all the racers for completing the race.  
Next the boys took their place on the line and their enthusiasm was eminent.   They received strict instruction that there was to be no pushing as the race began.  They followed this counsel and put their energy into making their way around the track.  Gavin Turner led the race with a substantial lead the entire race.  This did not surprise his teacher Mrs. Roundy, as he outran his class in every practice run leading up to this event.
First place trotters, Emmory Morrell and Gavin Turner, took home a Thanksgiving turkey donated by Bingham’s Custom Meats.  The second place winners, Emma Love and Josh Criddle, received a Thanksgiving ham donated by Ridley’s.  The third place winners, Rozi Pentz and Jarron Ball, were happy to accept dessert fit for a pilgrim as they each received two pies donated by Wal-Mart.  Gunnar Lish and Aspen Wheelwright were thrilled to receive t-shirts for their fourth place finish. This surprise fourth place prize was generously added by Bingham’s Custom Meats.  
Emmory Morrell beamed as she waited for the boys to finish their race.  She said she felt proud but it wasn’t just luck that brought her success.  “I went to the Trojan Center and ran laps,” Morrell explained, adding that her dad timed her.  She wasn’t the only one who trained for the race.  Gavin Turner said his training included “running every day and stuff.”  Second place winner Josh Criddle trained by running around the block a couple of times to get ready for the race.  Third place winner Rozi Pentz said it felt great to cross the finish line so quickly and stated, “We were exercising at the last recess.”  
The second-grade teachers were excited for the kids to participate.  “I think as a grade we work so hard,” said Mrs. Roundy.  She continued, “This is a fun event and is also a way for the students to learn good sportsmanship.”  Thank you to the sponsors who generously gave to this event: Bingham’s Custom Meats, Ridley’s and Wal-Mart, and congratulation to all the little athletes who participated.